Jacob Wurtz - Happy Feet Plus co-owner

I’ve been a Natural Health advocate since 1975. I did all of the right things, exercise, eat organically grown foods whenever possible, and except for working real hard, I generally led a life of moderation. In 1991 I had even removed all of the many amalgam dental fillings from my mouth, when I became aware of the Mercury content within. Mercury is not our friend.

So, when I became gravely ill in 2001, I wasn’t sure where to go. Through an associate, I learned about Lifeworks Wellness Center, a clinic in downtown Clearwater, that specialized in complimentary medicine. I was not a fan of drugs or surgery, so going the”traditional” route was not an option. Dr Minkoff took the time to explain, in plain language, what exactly was occurring. Long story short, I was diagnosed with Heavy Metal Toxicity, with levels of Mercury & Platinum that were off the charts!! I was lucky to be alive, my vital life signs were at about 30%.

He further explained that Mercury may actually migrate from the amalgam fillings and deposit into the brain tissue and reproductive organs, (who knew?). Unfortunately for me, back in 1991, there were few options for dental crowns, they were either porcelain coated metal crowns, or gold/platinum crowns. So unbeknownst to me, not only was I still carrying the Mercury toxicity burden inside my body, but it was actually further aggravated by creating a battery type effect in my head, with the addition of two of the best conductors of electricity, gold and platinum (my uninformed choice for dental crowns). So my poor little neurotransmitters were really struggling to function, and I was going down hill fast!

Dr. Minkoff’s clinic was able to design a comprehensive protocol to detoxify my body of the Heavy Metals. The process did take some time, and the friendly staff at the clinic were very supportive throughout. I did have to remove all of the metal from my mouth again, and I was able to regain my health completely.

I highly recommend Lifeworks Wellness Center to anyone who is struggling to survive, or if they’re simply looking to achieve optimal health. In 2001 I was simply striving to survive, however today I’m experiencing wonderful health.

Thank You Lifeworks.

Jacob R Wurtz
Happy Feet Plus

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