Taos Footwear has always been inspired by the natural beauty and creative culture of the American Southwest.

And nowhere does it better than Taos, New Mexico. Just drive up from Santa Fe and you’ll see what we mean. Go and eat the carne adovada or blue-corn enchiladas at Orlando’s New Mexican Cafe on the road to the ski resort. Or get a cappuccino at World Cup café just off the main plaza. Visit some of the local artist’s studios. Walk the back streets and notice the architecture, the colors and textures, even the fences. You’ll know why we love Taos and why we celebrate it every day.

Cute versus comfort? We think it’s a ridiculous choice to have to make. Why should women cram their feet into torture chambers that are delicate and strappy with stiletto heels? How often do you dress like that? Taos Footwear is for the rest of your life.

The real world is denim friendly. A world of career women, full time and working moms and active lives. We believe in being understandably fresh by intriguing you with things you haven’t seen before, as well as surprise and delight. We take beautiful leathers and rich fabrics, and embellish with things like earthy stones, rugged buckles, playful embroidery and intricate stitching.

Green is a color of many shades. We believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. Which means we recycle at the office. We seek out materials and manufacturing techniques that leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Our shoeboxes are made with recycled stock and soy-based inks. We hope you like them enough to keep them to store your tax receipts, family photos or stamps collection.

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