Kenkoh Kyoto Study Results

In February 2006 a study was conducted through Kyoto University, in Kyoto, Japan to verify the benefits of health sandals.

The study, "Examination of Effects of Plantar Pressure Stimulation on Fatigue through Randomly Self-Controlled Study", was undertaken by Naoko Kondo through the Department of Health Promotion and Human Behavior, School of Public Health, Kyoto University.

The premise of the study was that the use of health sandals, specifically the Kenkoh Health Sandal, as a form of "self medication" can ease or prevent fatigue. A total of 80 female university students, average age 23.3 years, were divided into two groups -- study and control. The study group wore the Kenkoh Health Sandal. The control group wore a plain sandal of similar style, but without the massaging nodules. All participants were on their feet performing normal activities during the 4-hour test period.

The Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) was used as the primary measure for evaluating the sense of fatigue of the whole body and feet. The response range ran from "no feeling of fatigue" to "strongest feeling of fatigue ever".

The Profile of Mood States (POMS) was used as a second system to verify the VAS measure. POMS measures the sense of fatigue and liveliness. Listlessness was also measured as were vital signs including pulse rate, blood pressure and body temperature. Lower limb circumference was measured to see the effects of the Kenkoh Health Sandals on edema on the lower limbs. Finally a secondary VAS measurement was made for five terms - "Feet feel warm", "Body feels warm", "Body feels light", "Soles hurt", and "Feels good".

The findings of the study concluded that after wearing the Kenkoh Health Sandal versus the plain sandal:

  • Overall fatigue (VAS) was eased
  • The feeling of fatigue and listlessness (POMS) improved significantly
  • Pulse rate remained significantly lower
  • The change in lower limb circumference (measuring edema) was much lower
  • Subjects felt their feet and body were warmer, their body was lighter, they had less sole pain, they felt better

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