This Florida Charity Is Changing The Face Of Homelessness

Rethink Homelessness

One of the greatest challenges to overcoming homelessness is the stigma that is placed upon those who don’t have an address to call their own. Passed by daily on the street, many people living in urban areas have learned how to ignore one another, avoid eye contact, and isolate themselves away from the painful image of poverty.

But what would happen if you knew something remarkable about each of those people? Do you think it would change the way you would respond to someone asking for change, or even asking for food?

“I Was a Figure Skater.”

homeless1Image Source: YouTube Rethink Homelessness

One non-for-profit organization in Orlando, Florida, wanted to find out just that and filmed an incredible video the change the way you see the homeless.

“Epileptic Seizures For 10 years. . .And Still Fighting!”

homeless2Image Source: YouTube Rethink Homelessness

Each interviewee was able to share one unique aspect of themselves; the results are intense and amazing.

“I Am Homeless and I DO Have A Job.”

homeless3Image Source: YouTube Rethink Homelessness

People often retort “no one in their right mind chooses to be homeless” yet have no real clue the path that person had to walk to get where they are. Shelters are still not homes, and many are so poorly run with such few resources, that people find the streets safer.

“Me and My Son Escaped Domestic Violence.”

homeless4Image Source: YouTube Rethink Homelessness

This woman is just one of many who are forced to resort to homelessness in order to protect herself and her child from abuse.

“I Have Saved At Least 3 Lives.”

homeless5Image Source: YouTube Rethink Homelessness

Before you ignore someone the next time, remember the motivational message of this video. It may change the way you see your city, maybe even right here in Tampa Bay.

What Kind of Change Do You Want to See in Your City?

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