The Town That Made Christmas Come Early

Christmas Came Early!

Evan Leversage of a small town in Ontario, Canada, was diagnosed with brain cancer at only two years of age. Now at age seven, Evan’s doctors were finally forced to inform his mother, Nicola Wellwood, that her son may not make it through the month of December.

Sharing the tragic news with her family members, a single Facebook post and some word-of-mouth was able to bring their entire community together for an incredible celebration: Christmas came early!

Determined that Evan would get to celebrate his last Christmas holiday, over 7,000 people joined together to put on a parade for him, complete with Santa and his reindeer.

The Town of St. George Wore the Christmas Spirit Well


From EMS technicians to policemen to local farmers’ Clydesdale horses, the town of St. George helped Evan and his family celebrate Christmas come early. Lights, ornaments, and Evan’s favorite cartoon characters all paraded down Main Street to show their jubilation.

“Evan’s favorite thing is trucks so everything from cement trucks to older vehicles were in the parade,” said one of Evan’s relatives, Jennifer Jablecki. “There was a very large tow truck and a few community floats that were decorated more than I’ve ever seen.”

Evan Was Completely Jovial


“The town was just buzzing with joy and excitement,” said Brandy King, owner of La Petit Fleur flower shop in St. George. “Lights were lit, carolers were singing and there even sweet girls outside my shop playing the violin for Evan.”

Even St. Nicholas Appeared For A Special Sleigh Ride!


Evan smiles and waves at the crowd from his seat of honor: “It was pretty spectacular to see him waving to the crowd,” Jablecki said. “Evan was all smiles all day long.”

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