One Incredible Company Is Making Sure You Vote…With Your Butt!

Make Saving the Environment Fun

Talking about the impact of pollution and carbon footprints can be a major buzzkill for a conversation. One UK organization, Hubbub, however, is betting that they have a new angle on a solution: make it fun, positive, and collaborative for all. 

“We’ve listened to the latest scientific thinking and believe that we need to change our lifestyles to protect the environment. Let’s do it in a way that is fun, saves money and brings people together.”

 Step 1: Stub It Out


Img Source: Ballot Bin UK

Hubbub’s manifesto against littering focuses on creating clean, safe neighborhoods in hopes of building better communities and saving money. Their public polling reveals that while 86% percent of the public claims to find littering disgusting, only 15% confess they would confront someone on it. The solution? Thinking inside the box!

“Think Inside The Box”

Outside one of the busiest metro stations in London, Hubbub installed “voting ashtrays” that encourage users to vote on various sports questions that change weekly. Who is the best soccer player in the world, Ronaldo or Messi? Vote with your butt! 


Img Source: Hubbub

“We’ve Bin Thinking About The Litter Things In Life”


Img Source: Bored Panda

On average, 30,000 pieces of gum are irresponsibly discarded each day on Oxford Street in London alone, contributing to 3.5 billion tossed pieces of gum each year in the UK. This adds up to a whopping 150 million British Pound ($230 million USD) to remove an average of 7,000 tons of gum annually.

“Stick your gum on a ‘X’ to reveal and image or fact.”


Img Source: Digital Synopsis

To address this sticky issue, Hubbub has installed “Peppermint Pointillist displays.”




Hubbub has also partnered with Gumdrop Ltd to help install ‘Gumdrops on the go’: small bubble shaped bins that collect used gum and allow Gumdrop Ltd to recycle and process the gum into new rubbers and plastics, including coffee cups, stationary, and rain boots!


Do You Think This Project Could Work In Your Hometown?


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