40 Foot Tattoos For Those Who Wander

Fashionable Foot Tats Are Fun

Tattoos are in many ways, the closest rite of initiation still available to both men and women in the modern age.  The stigma that once stained bearers of ink is now replaced with a general understanding that tattoos mark phases of life, special memories,  or a reminder of who we are, or even who we want to be.

More than ever, tattoo artists are using their skills to transform  scars of domestic violence,  self harm,  or creating new nipples for women who have had a mastectomy.

The process of getting a tattoo can be painful, especially in areas with little fat. However, many find solace within this pain, a tangible moment they are choosing to endure and will remember as long as the ink lasts.

Below are a collection of foot and ankle tattoos for the wanderer, whether on the road or loving the earth that’s beneath your feet.  From minimalism, to stick and poke, to watercolor, these styles will give you some unique travel tattoo ideas.

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