Finn Comfort Roseau Black Leather
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This attractive adjustable mule will take you anywhere your sole wants to go.

  • Premium brushed leather upper and an adjustable hook and loop strap.
  • Classic removable footbed made of suede leather, jute, and cork with built in arch and metatarsal support
  • Flexible PU outsole, handstitched to upper.
  • 1-inch heel height

Finn Comfort Roseau Black Leather

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Finn Comfort Roseau Black Clogs
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This attractive adjustable mule will take you anywhere your sole wants to go.

  • Premium brushed leather upper and an adjustable hook and loop strap.
  • Classic removable footbed made of suede leather, jute, and cork with built in arch and metatarsal support
  • Flexible PU outsole, handstitched to upper.
  • 1-inch heel height

Finn Comfort Leather Information & More...

Leather Upper

Oiled leather has a heavily oiled finish; durable & moisture-resistant.

Waxy leather has a finish applied to a buffed natural leather. Ages to a naturally distressed appearance.

Softly padded topline eliminates pressure and rubbing.

Finest calfskin lining is particularly skin friendly, luxurious and natural.

Flexible toe cap eliminates pressure points.

Naturally rounded shape and no-nonsense design reflect the natural shape of a healthy foot. Unbinding fit provides would-class comfort.

Reinforced heel counter for a secure fit.

Finn Stretch Shoes and Sandals
Highly flexible elastic material helps soothe problem feet.

Ideal for people suffering from:

  • Bunions
  • Arthritis of the big toe
  • Deformed toes
  • Swollen feet
  • Highly sensitive feet
Finn Stretch sandal fabric provides relief for bunion sufferers
Finn Stretch shoe fabric provides relief for bunion sufferers

Finn Comfort Footbed Types

Finn Comfort Cork & Latex Footbed

  • Rich natural suede lining. Moisture absorbent, skin-friendly and organically tannned with pure vegetable dyes. Chrome and toxin free.
  • Serious support for medial, lateral and transverse (metatarsal) arches.
  • Resilient and shock absorbing cork/latex base.
  • Anatomically shaped heel cup.
  • All natural Finn comfort footbeds may be removed overnight for airing. They may be hand washed with mild soap and warm water (86°F). Let air dry naturally away from direct heat or sun. For optimum health and hygiene, replace your Finn Comfort footbeds regularly.

Finn Comfort Soft Footbeds

An additional layer of permanently elastic latex is placed between the suede liner and the cork footbed to provide complete comfort no matter the amount of wear.

Sole Material

Durable, lightweight and flexible polyurethane and/or rubber outsole is highly shock-absorbent and gently on joints.

Concave heel design provides extra shock-resistance and cushioning to relieve stress on knees, hips and spine.

Foot motion guidance. Curved heel design with buffer zone to encourage natural heel-to-toe rolling motion.

Finn Comfort Finnamic Rocker Sole

Finnamic’s rocker sole promotes the natural heel-to-toe rolling motion, propelling you forward when you walk, while providing both stability and comfort while you stand. The broad, flat and stable mid-section relieves unnecessary strain on the foot while stabilizing the entire body.

Walking in Finnamic every day improves posture, promotes natural gait, and encourages greater fitness. Finnamic shoes are calfskin lined and feature the Finn Comfort soft footbed for ideal cushioning and shock-absorption.

Made in Germany since 1982

By handcrafting our products in Hassfurt, we are committed to brand quality “made in Germany.” In fact, we’ve always remained loyal to our German roots in the state of Franconia. Due to growing demand, we have recently expanded our state-of-the-art production facilities so that we can continue to deliver the quality you expect - well into the future. We remain committed to manufacturing our products exclusively in Germany.

Designed by Nature

Our premium comfort footbeds create the foundation of our footwear and keep the foot in its most efficient alignment.

Finn Comfort footbeds are anatomically contour molded and ergonomically designed to support and gently reposition the heel, arch, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones in the feet, enabling these structures to work together as nature intended, making each step you take supremely comfortable and pain free. Unlike conventional shoes, Finn Comfort distributes pressure evenly across the foot, thus may help in reducing unnecessary stress and prevent foot and back ailments. Your feet, and your entire body, are supported properly and naturally – like walking barefoot in the sand.

Made of natural cork harvested from Mediterranean Oak trees, hevea latex from the rubber tree, woven layers of jute and lined with rich organically tanned suede (chrome free and hypoallergenic), Finn Comfort footbeds encourage good posture and proper foot function while cradling and guiding your feet from heel to toe.

For maximum health and hygiene, Finn Comfort footbeds are removable and hand-washable. Use mild soap and warm water and let air dry naturally away from direct heat. Replace your Finn Comfort footbeds regularly.

Serious Support for your feet

Finn Comfort is highly refined natural comfort footwear for the walking shoe connoisseur.

At Finn Comfort, we have always listened to you when developing new, fit-optimized comfort shoes for your feet. The consistent implementation of our development goals is the job of every one of our employees. In doing so, we are geared to your needs and committed to continually perfecting our product quality. With decades of experience as a reliable business partner to the world’s leading independent footwear retailers, we know what matters most.

For generations to come

As a family-owned business, we take our responsibility to coming generations very seriously.

This is why every one of our company divisions is focused on environmental compatibility and on a responsible use of the materials we employ. We predominantly use natural, renewable raw materials and while we pride ourselves on exquisite old-world craftsmanship, we also attach great importance to operating with state-of-the-art modern technology. Not only do we adhere to the strictest quality and environmental standards, but we demand this from our suppliers as well.

A shoe you love to wear

It can take over 100 separate production steps to make a Finn Comfort shoe.

With an extensive collection consisting of over 250 variations – available in various widths and heel heights, some of them in extra small and plus sizes – our portfolio has a shoe to fit every foot. For a professional recommendation and expert fitting, please consult an authorized Finn Comfort dealer near you.

We live quality - and have for over 25 years. We will continue to be committed to this in the future as well.


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