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Dansko Olena Copper Suede
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A tailored flat in a trim silhouette, Olena is easy to wear thanks to a lightweight outsole and a contoured removable footbed with memory foam.

Dansko Olena Copper Suede

You Save   $35.03
Dansko Olena Suede CopperDansko Olena Kid Suede BlackDansko Olena Suede BlueDansko Olena Suede PewterDansko Olena Kid Suede Brown
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A tailored flat in a trim silhouette, Olena is easy to wear thanks to a lightweight outsole and a contoured removable footbed with memory foam.

Dansko Suede Marseille Collection Information & More...

Dansko Suede Marseille Collection

  • Longwearing, lightweight TPU outsole
  • Removable, contoured PU footbed with memory foam insert for added comfort
  • Integrated insole with tuckboard and shank for stability
  • Latex foam in forepart for comfort and flexibility where you need it most

Suede Types

Suede is a leather that features a soft, delicate nap and is perfect for dress-up occasions.
Use Dansko Nubuck and Suede Bar and Brush to remove surface stains. For maximum water and stain protection, we recommend using Dansko Suede and Nubuck Spray immediately after purchase.

Dansko History

Since 1990, Dansko has been a leader in providing innovative comfort footwear while standing at the forefront of sustainable and ethical business practices. Dansko is owned and operated by their founders, husband and wife team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup. They distribute shoes and boots to over 2,500 premium US and international retail locations. Dansko literally translated from Danish means “Danish Shoe”.

Mandy and Peter discovered Dansko's first product while on a horse-buying trip to Peter’s native Denmark. After realizing that this basic shoe would be perfect for wearing around the barn, they brought a few pairs back to the US. Right away, friends wanted to try the clogs and with each trip to Denmark, Mandy and Peter were bringing back more and more pairs. Soon, they found themselves selling clogs out of their station wagon as they drove from horse show to horse show. By 1993, they sold their horse farm to devote themselves full-time to building Dansko. Today, Dansko's offerings include sandals, boots, heels, flats and many types of clogs. Every pair is infused with the same all-day comfort found in our original stapled clog.

Dansko is an employee-owned business. They are not driven by financial goals, but rather by a desire to exceed expectations – be it those of their retailers, consumers or manufacturing partners.

Dansko All-Day Comfort

Every day, our feet make hard contact with unforgiving surfaces. Dansko footwear delivers all-day comfort and is perfect for both casual and work wear. Many Dansko, devotees work in professions that require long hours on their feet such as food service, the airline industry, teaching and health care.

Dansko Careful Construction

Every Dansko shoe is part of a larger collection, or you could say family, whose members share a common sole. This means that every shoe within a particular collection has the exact same contoured footbed, heel height and outer sole. What differs is the upper. If you like the way a particular Dansko style fits your foot, chances are you’ll like any of its sisters or brothers from the same collection. And because Dansko shoes are so sturdy they don’t break down quickly, so they retain their shape and support for years – longer than most shoes.


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