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Something Special at HFP
Think Different, Feel Different

These certainly are not like your granny's slippers. Granny's slippers were fuzzy stuff glued to a piece of cardboard. They looked comfy but were really bad for granny's feet.

If you're looking for a comfortable house slipper that provides clinically-proven health benefits then the Kenkoh Health Sandal is the Ultimate House Slipper.

Available exclusively at Happy Feet Plus, the Kenkoh Health Sandal provides comfort with hundreds of soft natural rubber massaging “fingers”. The sandal has exceptional arch support and a neutral heel which helps properly align the musculoskeletal system. The massaging action of the rubber nodules is proven to increase blood flow, reduce swelling and create a strong feeling of well-being.

The sandals are perfect for anyone with poor circulation, stress, back pain, tension headaches, low energy, swollen ankles or just needs to rejuvinate after a long day. Wearing as soon as you get out of bed in the morning helps you begin the day refreshed and revitalized.

Would you like a foot massage every day?
Would you like to reduce your stress?
Do you want to lessen your foot pain or back pain?
Would like to do those things simply by wearing a sandal?

If so the Kenkoh Health Sandal is a MUST HAVE.

Remember, the Ultimate House Slipper is the Kenkoh Health Sandal and you can only find it at Happy Feet Plus.