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Something Special at HFP


Happy Feet Plus provides health and comfort footwear that Strengthens, Supports and Revitalizes. Footwear that revitalizes uses centuries-old knowledge of pressure points on the soles of the foot.

Since 1985 Happy Feet Plus has been committed to the concept that total body health begins with the feet. The Kenkoh Health Sandal was the first product that Happy Feet Plus introduced to the public to promote total body health and revitalization.

The Kenkoh sandal employs natural rubber nodules to massage and stimulate the Reflexive zones of the feet. For thousands of years it has been known that the sole of the human foot has distinct zones which correspond to various muscles, glands and organs. According to Reflexology principles, stimulating these Reflexive zones energizes nerves and increases blood flow.

During the first few weeks of use the massaging action of the nodules dislocate and dissolve accumulated waste and toxins in the soles of your feet. Clearing the body of toxins and increasing blood flow provides a revitalizing effect. Recent clinical studies confirm that wearing the Kenkoh sandal decreases fatigue, increases blood flow, reduces lower limb swelling, and provides an overall good feeling.

The medial arch support of the Kenkoh sandals is pronounced and provides support for the foot. This support along with the neutral heel cup allows the musculoskeletal system to be properly aligned which enables the Reflexive insole to be most effective.

As the massage insole of the Kenkoh stimulates the Reflexive zones in the feet the process of restoring the body to health begins. But the process cannot stop there. The musculoskeletal system needs to be actively exercised through the use of footwear which strengthens the body. The body also needs the restorative impact of footwear which provides passive support. Happy Feet Plus encourages customers to embrace the complete cycle of “Support – Strengthen – Revitalize” to maximize their pain relief and regain total body health.