Something Special at HFP
Papillio Footwear from Happy Feet Plus

Papillio Construction

Papillio is designed by nature and uses only the finest quality materials and design. Our footbeds are anatomically beneficial and assume the natural shape of the foot, while providing proper support. Many of our materials are natural and found in nature.

Footbed - Made from the highest quality Cork, Latex, Jute, and Suede leather. One of the great qualities of our Papillio footbed and why we use the materials we do, is that it conforms to the shape of your foot over time, becoming your own. Cork - Harvested from Cork Oak tree farms in Portugal. Cork bark is peeled away from the tree and causes no harm. The bark regenerates every 7 - 9 years and can be re-harvested. Cork protects against bacteria, is durable, elastic and shock-absorbent. The light cork is of the highest quality, it is the brightest and the most expensive available. We use this highest grade cork in our soles. Latex - A natural product derived from the Hevea tree, grown primarily in Southeast Asia. The trees are gently tapped and the liquid latex is collected in cups. The trees are productive for many years. Jute - Another natural material, commonly known in the U.S. as burlap, is primarily grown in the tropics and is one of the most widely used materials in the world. Suede liner - Our suede liners are specially tanned for softness, absorbency, and comfort. Polyurethane - Polyurethane is an artificial component material. These two liquid chemicals are mixed together and the different mixing settings produce a variety of physical properties to work with.

Upper Materials

Leather - The use of leather actually makes ecological sense. Today's shoes are less often made completely from leather. But it's unique properties continue to make it the choice of many shoe manufacturer's today. We use only the thickest, highest-grade, top-grain leather. Our leathers must be a minimum thickness and are generally in the 3mm range. Using leathers this thick provides durability and long-lasting wear.

Synthetics - These products have been manufactured from synthetic fibres, in contrast to products made from natural fibres.

Birko-Flor - A proprietary material designed in conjunction with the Birkenstock family is a durable, soft textured, synthetic upper material of a very high quality. Birko-Flor allows air to circulate, its light and washable.

Stretch - We use a soft stretch material which has a built in breathable mesh that makes it very comfortable to wear.