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Something Special at HFP
Kenkoh Health Sandals from Happy Feet Plus

Kenkoh When Do You wear Kenkohs?

When do you wear your Kenkoh sandals? Since 1984 Happy Feet Plus has been the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Kenkoh Health Sandals. Over the years we have built an exceptionally loyal customer base.

Some of you have very interesting stories to tell. Let us know about your experience with Kenkoh Health Sandals. Maybe there is someone else out there who can benefit from wearing these amazing sandals.

I have had my Kenkoh's for about a week now and I cannot say enough about them. After two surgeries for Morton's Neuroma I had pain that I thought I'd have to live with forever. Then I found my Kenkoh's. I typically have sensitive feet, but my feet took to the Kenkoh's very easily. The benefits were instant for me. I can walk again! Thank you, Kenkoh's!!! -- Teresa A.

Simply amazing sandals. Especially after work when I'm tired, I put them on and within 15 minutes I feel refreshed and energized. When I first got them, the first couple of days felt like a bed of nails and by the end of the first week they where so awesome. I wear then as house sandals and also to the pool. Now I wear them all weekend long. I got a pair for my parents and they rave over them. My Mom has poor circulation and after a month the swelling in her feet and legs was gone. My Dad loves them after playing tennis and golf, plus it healed his plantar fascitis which he suffered with for years. Thanks so much for a great sandal. -- Wayne

I wear my Kenkohs everywhere! They hurt the first few times I wore them. Now they are my favorite sandal. I wore them for 8 hours while shopping with my two daughters. I could not have been on my feet that long in any other sandal! Not sure how they are affecting my health, but I know that my feet hurt in any other sandal. Wish they made a shoe I could wear to work! -- Robin R.

I love my Kenkoh's. I wear them all the time inside to help my high arches. I take them in the car all the time so if my feet get tired in my sneakers I put these on. I have a very wide feet so these are great because of being able to be adjusted. I've even worn them out shopping all day. -- Kay M.

Was given a pair of sandals about twenty plus years ago, bit worn now but still working ok. How can they be so warm when used in really cold conditions? Have a theory but require new set. Best regards. -- John

I absolutely love my Kenkoh sandals. I wear them every morning. I'd love to have a pair in another color -- blue, pink or purple -- any color but green! -- Ellen T.

I wear my sandals anytime I'm not at work. I find them very supportive I have a high arch and scoliosis. I used them to take a mini hike down the hill to a secluded beach in Robin's Bay, Jamaica. -- Louise T.

I just bought my first pair yesterday after a week that included 2 extremely painful shots in my heel. The total relief did not take place and having more shots is not for me. I took myself off to Happy Feet for a consult and ended up buying the Kenkoh sandal for wearing around the house and a pair of Birkenstocks to wear to work. I will try to be patient but would love to know if relief from the plantar fasciitis will come SOON! -- Terry S.

I love these sandals. I wear them all the time because I love the way they feel. I wish they would make shoes (not just sandals) for warmer climates. A great stress relief. They exceeded my expectations and are worth the investment. -- Jessie B.