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Kenkoh Sandal - Customer Endorsements

From the outset we have received frequent customer comments praising the Kenkoh Massage Sandals. Customers love the support and comfort of the orthopedically-designed footbed. The health benefits experienced by hundreds of customers are seen time and again. But don't take our word for it. Below are real comments from real customers.

"Absolutely love these sandals! I have nerve pain in my feet and these made a difference within 3 days of wearing them." Colleen G.

"My Plantar Fasciitis is gone after wearing my Kenkoh for three weeks! I am beyond amazed. To be able to walk without pain is unspeakable joy." Anon.

"Kenkoh cured my Plantars Fasciitis. Took me 7 years many expensive inserts and 3 foot doctors that could not help me. So grateful I tried Kenkoh....I'm cured. A happy miracle for me." Linda S.

"My metatarsal arch fell and I didn't even know I had one! I was really upset until I found your site. There was everything I needed and more. Had my doubts about the Kenkoh sandals, but they are fantastic and really do feel like my feet are being massaged. Service great too. Thank you." Anon.

"Very comfortable...has helped to ease my lower back pain." Anon.

"My pain went away right away. Love this sandal - was able to walk again." Anon.

"This is the first time I had ever bought a pair of these. I was skeptical at first, but decided I had nothing to lose...surely these shoes couldn't make my feet feel any worse than they already did. When they arrived, which was very quick, I followed the instructions. The first 5 minutes were excruciating. I almost couldn't stand it. But I committed to wear them for 10 minutes no matter what. After those first 5 minutes, it started to feel better. When 10 minutes were done, I took them off. I wore them again in the evening for about 10 minutes, and it was much more tolerable. The next day, I put them on when I first got up, and they felt really good. I was able to go about 20 minutes, and my legs and feet felt great afterwards. Now I can wear them for about an hour with no discomfort. I am finding that my feet are "craving" these shoes, and I can hardly wait to put them on. I expect that I will be able to wear them longer and longer each time. My foot and lower leg circulation has improved dramatically. And my sinuses, of all things, are much, much better. I can't wait to see what else improves." TJ, SW MO.

"I have Plantar Fasciitis and wearing the Kenkohs have improved my foot condition. I admit wearing them takes some getting used to." Anon.

"I just recently had a baby and we have tile floors so my feet and legs were killing me. I bought these hoping they would help. I can't walk around barefoot in my house anymore, that's how much I love these! They alleviate pain in my big toe and must be doing their job massaging my feet all day as I wear them because I no longer have tired feet at the end of the day. My legs also don't hurt anymore and I believe it's due to wearing these on my tile floor. They did take some getting used to at first and I couldn't wear them all day for the first few days but after that I wore them all day. I almost wore these out of the house several times by accident (forgot I was wearing them). Not sure what people would think if I had worn these out but maybe I shouldn't care? Love these so much!!" Anon.

"I have had these for 2 days. Adjustment time is not bad,I am wearing them all day the 2nd day at home.I am not on my feet all day. I like how my feet feel after have been walking from them. Since I have several health conditions, that reflexology can/may help... I look forward to seeing how these work." Anon.

"I love my Kenkoh sandals!! I was recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and my sister suggested I try these sandals. The web site was very informative,the ordering process a cinch, delivery was quick. What a positive experience-since wearing these sandals, my feet feel so much better. I would definitely encourage people to try your Kenkoh sandals." Anon.

"I have Arthritis, Heal spurs. I love these thongs. I come in from standing on my feet all day and what a relief." Anon.

"I was having constant heel pain and purchased these sandals and within 24 hours was feeling incredibly better. I will never wear another sandal. Money well spent!" Tom, Florida

"I had a really bad backache and bought these sandals. Within half a day it felt better. I am now on my third pair and ordering 2 more. Great, fantastic sandals. I don't like wearing anything else after these!" Anon.

"AMAZING product! I strained my arch at the gym and was in constant pain. Happy Feet suggested Kenkoh's and within a couple hours my arch was feeling better and I was getting relief from the pain. Today is day 3 wearing my Kenkoh's and I feel I can hit the gym again. Thank you Happy Feet!" Anon.