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Foot Facts -- Hammer Toes

High heels are bad for your feet

Those pointy-toed high heels make your feet look smaller and sexier, don’t they? Well maybe for now.

After years of “high heel abuse” your feet can develop any number of ailments including bunions, calluses, metatarsalgia, or hammer toes. Take off those heels and slip into a pair of sandals. Now whose feet look sexy?

Though you may inherit the tendency to develop hammer toes, it is more likely that the hammer toes are a result of improperly fitting shoes. High heels or shoes that are too narrow or short push the toes into a bent position. The toes rub against the shoe, leading to the formation of corns and calluses, which further aggravates the condition. A higher heel forces the foot down and squishes the toes against the shoe, increasing the pressure and the bend in the toe. Eventually, the toe muscles become unable to straighten the toe, even when there is no confining shoe.

Treatment begins when you decide to stop wearing those high heel pointy-toe shoes. Instead look for shoes that have a soft roomy toe box. Manufacturers such as Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, Birki’s, Alpro, Footprints, Tatami, Papillio produce a wide selection of footwear that will help alleviate hammer toes. Footwear from these manufacturers typically have wide toe boxes and exceptional arch support.