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Something Special at HFP
What is The Gift of Health?

Since 1985 we have searched the world over for footwear that promotes positive, healthy influences on the body. Our discovery of the Kenkoh Health Sandal started us on the quest of helping sufferers to relieve pain and stress from their bodies. We believe it is the best “all around” pain and stress relieving footwear in the world. Designed in Japan and based on the age-old principals of Reflexology, the Kenkoh Health Sandal has provided many customers with welcomed relief. Customers have reported relief from back pain, plantar fasciitis, tension headaches, just to mention a few.

In 2006 the Kyoto University (Japan) conducted a controlled study on the affects of the Kenkoh Health Sandal. In this study they found scientific evidence that the Kenkoh Health Sandal improved circulation, reduced fatigue and reduced swelling. Currently, a U.S. study is being developed related to the affects the Kenkoh Health Sandal has for diabetics. For two and half decades we have seen the benefits this amazing sandal has brought into the lives of sufferers. Our customers have told us time and again how this little-known sandal has changed their life.

Show a loved one that you care by giving The Gift of Healththe Kenkoh Health Sandal. Buy one for you too and treat yourself to the pain relief benefits of the Kenkoh Health Sandal.

All of the brands on the Happy Feet Plus web site promote health and comfort in one of three ways. Our products Revitalize, Support or Strengthen your body. Give The Gift of Health today.