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FOOTPRINTS® embody top quality. Long-life shoes are manufactured with the best material and the most careful workmanship. The manufacturing of the FOOTPRINTS® -shoes requires highest knowledge and a big technical know-how. Because amongst the design, quality and life of a product as well as its functionality are decisive sales arguments, which rank before the price.

The high-quality leather is stamped in accordance with the finishing and how it is to be used. The trick is to use the valuable material in an optimum way. The individual leather uppers and leather padding parts (up to 20 different parts per pair) are sewn together with dancing in mind. Caps and padding have already been applied beforehand.

The crucial stages in the production, such as sewing on the uppers to the sole are usually performed by hand on most models. This work is very time-consuming, requiring the utmost in skill, but it also guarantees the quality standard we need.

In the case of models whose water-repellent function is at the forefront (such as e.g. trekking models), the PU sole is fused together with the leather uppers using a "direct foaming" process. The shoe is shaped on its lasts by heat-setting: heat and moisture stabilize the leather uppers in order to preserve the form for a long time.



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