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Shoes from Footprints embody the 225-year history of Birkenstock, a company rich in tradition, as well as the newest technological developments. Our feet are subjected to too much strain nowadays. It has become a hard fact of everyday life that they have to walk and stand on cement and asphalt. It feels good in contrast to walk barefoot on soft grass or sand. The Birkenstock footbed was developed in order to provide you with this luxury on a everyday basis: it is anatomically shaped and based on the natural footprint people make. Shoes from Footprints with the original Birkenstock footbed put your feet back on natural turf.

The high-quality leather is stamped in accordance with the finishing and how it is to be used. The trick is to use the valuable material in an optimum way. The individual leather uppers and leather padding parts (up to 20 different parts per pair) are sewn together with dancing in mind. Caps and padding have already been applied beforehand.

The crucial stages in the production, such as sewing on the uppers to the sole are usually performed by hand on most models. This work is very time-consuming, requiring the utmost in skill, but it also guarantees the quality standard we need.

In the case of models whose water-repellent function is at the forefront (such as e.g. trekking models), the PU sole is fused together with the leather uppers using a "direct foaming" process. The shoe is shaped on its lasts by heat-setting: heat and moisture stabilize the leather uppers in order to preserve the form for a long time.

The anatomically shaped cork-latex-footbed is based on the natural footprint people make and guarantees an optimum environment for the feet by carefully selected materials. The footbed in all Footprints shoes can be replaced or removed to air it out or wash it (at 30° C). After wearing them for a long time, it is possible to order a substitute pair.

All brands in the Birkenstock family include: Alpro, Birkenstock, Birki's, Footprints, Papillio, and Tatami. Each brand provides customers with a unique set of attributes such as fabrics, patterns, colors, style, and fit. All Birkenstock brands are built upon the same heritage. While most styles are crafted from a cork-latex mixture, all Birkenstock brand sandals, clogs and shoes are designed for walking comfort.

Footprints's Prevention Series is designed to help avert foot injuries by protecting your feet from friction and abrasion. The design and construction helps prevent simple problems from becoming more serious.

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Customer Reviews
Avg Rating:
Due to foot surgery I have been wearing Footprints for 3 years. My favorite style was discontinued and this is the replacement style. Only shoe I can wear that does not rub on the heel incision that after 3 years still is sensitive. Nice to have available in a 41. Just the size I need
Avg Rating:
Wonderful! Perfect fit. Prompt delivery. Thank you! B
Avg Rating:
I've had the style for years. That says it all. HF's customer service was the best I've encountered in years. Attention to my needs. Going out of the way to get me the shoes that are now discontinued. Making an extra effort to tell me they would let me know when the new style comes out..even if it's not the comforting style I have had forever. Fast delivery. Prompt follow up. Love you guys. You are now my go to for Birkenstock.
Avg Rating:
This is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn,.
Avg Rating:
excellent shoe -even better than the clarks of old!
Avg Rating:
The shoes have been very good so far. I hope the comfort lasts. Your customer service department was great Thank you.I wish every one a very merry Christmas.
Avg Rating:
These things ROCK, Great for the office or around town. They make my flat feet quite happy. I do wish the sole was a little more sturdy though.
Avg Rating:
My legs from walking all day on hospital floors. After 2 weeks, no pain. I ordered another pair to wear when I am not at work.
Avg Rating:
Received order in record time. Site easy to use. When I called, Sales person was very helpful and polite. My husband loves the shoes that I ordered!! Thanks HappyFeet.


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