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Something Special at HFP
Footprints Footwear from Happy Feet Plus

Footprints History

1989 - There is a worldwide boom in the sale of Birkenstock sandals. Demand for closed shoes with an original Birkenstock footbed becomes increasingly strong.

1990 - The first prototypes appear with the aim of "offering customers a light, comfortable shoe with a changeable footbed made of natural products". The footbed is intended to resemble the natural human footstep through its anatomical shape.

1991 - First test shoes pass the highest quality requirements. A decision is made to locate production for the hand-made shoes in the new Länder in eastern Germany. In future Birkenstock comfortable shoes are to be manufactured in four different plants managed by the "Treuhand", the trustee organization for enterprises in eastern Germany, in order to save jobs there. The extremely light PU sole and the cork-leather footbed are made in Steinau in Hessen. A first collection of 3 models, each with 7 different varieties of leather and colors are presented to the dealership customers. The recommended sales price is DM 250,00.

1992 - Commencement of production and first dispatch to a customer in Braunschweig. At the same time the closed shoes are presented at the biggest American trade fair in Las Vegas. The first big successes emerge and the production capacity reaches 200.000 pairs for one year.

1993 - Birkenstock makes a conscious decision to exclude CFCs from its production. As the first sole manufacturer in the world raw materials and auxiliary materials used are changed to ensure 100% CFC-free manufacturing: the innovative foamed material offers excellent padding between feet and the ground, low weight, good insulation against cold and heat, high flexibility and is particularly long-lasting. The first final consumer catalogue is printed.

1994 - Today's successful model "Pasadena" is developed and sold in over 40 countries. Also a children's shoe is made for the first time, featuring the advantage of a second footbed in the next biggest size, and this later receives international recognition.

1995 - The strongly growing demand forces us to expand the production in other European countries. Hence, further production plants are opened in Portugal and Italy in addition to those in Germany, without any loss in quality. Since the sale and production of the actual Birkenstock sandal products naturally takes place separately, a new company is founded in May. The FOOTPRINTS®-Schuh GmbH is established, with its headquarters in Bad Honnef. The name FOOTPRINTS® by Birkenstock is copyrighted worldwide. In the future the name FOOTPRINTS® is to be used as an internationally understood term in advertising and on the carton, so that this special product group is clearly differentiated from the classic Birkenstock range of products. For the future FOOTPRINTS® continues to rely on comfort, design and an extremely high quality workmanship. The objective is consistent growth - every DM is invested in the company.

1996 - The range of products is supplemented to include a further 10 models in different colors. Apart from the many comfort considerations which make the well-conceived shoe in its natural form so impressive, there is also an unexpected fashion aspect. The "Pasadena" model becomes a cult object in Japan. Thanks to its fashionable colors, the article becomes a best-seller and prodcution can not keep up with demand, because only highly-specialized shoe specialists can carry out the individual working steps in the quality required for FOOTPRINTS®. Further expansions of production for the coming years are begun. The gratefulness of the customers and the success spurns us on.

1997 - The catalogue circulation increases to well over 1 million. Our company development is marked by growth and this makes it necessary to move to a new building. Our new adress takes us to Vettelschoß and Bad Honnef. The employees are involved in all decisions and are delegated more responsibility. Two authorized representatives are appointed with general commercial powers of attorney. An increasing number of people wear FOOTPRINTS® in almost all of Europe, as well as in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Singapore and in the Philippines, and the shoes become more and more popular because of their comfort and high quality.

1998 - The degree of awareness of the FOOTPRINTS® brand grows. Over 13 million readers of leading German magazines are reached through a broad-based advertising compaign. FOOTPRINTS® are worn by star models at several fashion shows in Paris and Stockolm. From September people can find information and a dealership list on the Internet under www.footprints.de. The number of employees has tripled since 1995 and the number of pairs of shoes sold has long since topped the million mark.

1999 - The range of products is expanded to include further market segments. Apart from the ladies', men's and children's shoes, leisure and trekking shoes are also available. The FOOTPRINTS®-Schuh GmbH becomes official partner of "Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald" (German Forest Predection Association). The conservation and predection of nature is to become a company objective. Thanks to the dynamism and team spirit of the eomployees and the customers, together with their quality awareness and a market-conscious attitude and behavior, we experience another record year.

2000 - A new catalogue appears with over 170 different article numbers. Life is scarcely conceivable without FOOTPRINTS® as a fashionable shoe for the health-conscious consumer. We receive many letters of thanks from all over the world. An increasing number of people wear these comfortable shoes - such as the familiar sandals which have been soled in their millions by Birkenstock - and become Birkenstock enthusiasts.

2001 - The development of our company is marked by expansion and so we were forced to move to new and bigger building in Bad Honnef. Also this year, our new catalogue is very successful, by which our production has been increased again.

2002 - Movement is created:

Two new collections are presented which have met with accolades from customers: the elegant Metropolitan ladies' collection with six exclusive models in different attractive colors and the new boot collection, from sporting to nostalgic, right for every occasion.

2003 - In a national survery by the german shoe specialised trade, FOOTPRINTS® was evaluated as "the climber of the year 2003"! Among further criteria, form fit, product quality, customer service and delivering punctuality were significant for the evaluation.

Architect: The demand for the new linecard of FOOTPRINTS® increases outstandingly and also provides great resonance in the press.

2004 - FOOTPRINTS® starts a cooperation with Til Schweiger and Germany's most famous actor designs his first shoe collection which is called "agile" and labelled with "FOOTPRINTS® by Til Schweiger". The first presentation of the 30 new items in a sporty look, including sneakers and clogs, at the GDS show in March strikes directly a chord by the customers worldwide.

2005 - A real new presentation from FOOTPRINTS® by the new catalogue. Independence, modernity and international character are reflected in its style.

2006 - The graphic style of the previous catalogue will be taken up and still extended: The illustrations will be combined with well-rounded people shots, which goes down very well with the customers.

FOOTPRINTS® can increase enormously its position on the Japanese market and extends the delivery of market-oriented special items.

Since January FOOTPRINTS® works with a new distributor in New York, as well as a logistic company in Kentucky, for the American market and increase its market situation.