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Something Special at HFP
Footprints Footwear from Happy Feet Plus

Footprints Construction

The Upper

FOOTPRINTS® shoes are shoes that fit. They respect the human foot in all its anatomical and functional uniqueness. The uppers therefore offer the foot ample space to move around in instead of constricting it.


Only with FOOTPRINTS® Shoes which fit your feet can you benefit from all the advantages our shoes have to offer. Because an optimum fit helps to increase the lifetime of your FOOTPRINTS® and keep your feet healthy.

The anatomically shaped cork-latex-footbed is based on the natural footprint people make and guarantees an optimum environment for the feet by carefully selected materials. The footbed in all FOOTPRINTS® shoes can be replaced or removed to air it out or wash it (at 30° C). After wearing them for a long time, it is possible to order a substitute pair.

  Footprints Footbed

The Sole

Selecting the right soles is one of the most important decisions to be made in the development of a new model. This is crucial when it comes to wearing comfort and the lifetime of a shoe. FOOTPRINTS® soles are extremely light and resistant to abrasion. We use 100% CFCs polyurethane (PU) material. Millions of tiny bubbles created by foaming create an air-cushioning effect for comfortable walking and standing.