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Footprints Footwear from Happy Feet Plus

Footprints Cleaning & Care

Here are some tips to help you care for your FOOTPRINTS® shoes to make sure they keep their typical appearance and accompanying you for a long time.

Smooth and waxy leather - Clean smooth-leather merely with a soft, dry cloth and perhaps a little shoe cream. Treat waxy leather the same, only use a special, common commercial waxy leather cream.

Nubuck leather - In order to maintain the velvet-like, brilliant appearance of nubuck leather, the leather should be cleaned every now and then with a nubuck brush and a nubuck spray. If they get wet, let them dry slowly and then brush them so that the leather does not get hard.

Suede leather - If it is very dirty, it is no problem to wash suede leather with clear water. Then let it dry slowly in order to keep it from drying out. In order to retain the suede effect, rough it then with a crepe or brass-wire brush and apply suede leather spray.