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Taos Cabin Boots Are Cool ?>

Taos Cabin Boots Are Cool

Back in September I told y’all that we just started carrying Taos footwear. The line has proven to be pretty successful for us. One of our owners, Jane, really loves the Cabin boot. Jane’s from Canada and rarely gets to wear boots here in Florida, but she just couldn’t help herself when she saw this one from Taos. The Cabin boot has a cool, relaxed, rolled-down look to it. Jane says that they are as comfortable as wearing slippers. The…

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Cool Weather Squeeze ?>

Cool Weather Squeeze

  Do your feet seem to hurt more in the cold weather months? It could be that with the transition from summer sandals to winter shoes and boots that you are squeezing your feet into constrictive, and painful, footwear. If you are, there is a greater chance of aggravating your bunions, or other foot pains and ailments. All summer long your feet were happy spending a lot of time in sandals, especially if they were supportive sandals like Birkenstock or…

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Comfort Gone Cute ?>

Comfort Gone Cute

Have you heard of Taos footwear? Probably not. Taos is a small manufacturer that has been around for only about 5 years, but during that time they have made a big name for themselves as an independent label featuring comfort casual footwear. With no fanfare, last week we began offer Taos footwear to our on-line customers. The response has been unexpectedly outstanding. So what is it that makes these shoes, sandals, clogs, and boots so different? Taos describes them as…

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