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Collapsed Arches or Flat Feet?

Happy Feet Plus - Collapsed Arches or Flat Feet?

I recently was asked about collapsed arches, so I did some research. From what I’ve found, in the end collapsed arches and flat feet are the same. The difference is how they become flat.

Information about inherited “flat feet” is pretty slim, so I’m going to go out on a limb and make some educated guesses. Some (many) people with inherited flat feet don’t seem to have musculoskeletal problems. It looks like their bodies were “built” to a specification that included no medial arches. In the “old days” folks with flat feet received military deferments. More recent studies indicate that soldiers with flat feet do not have problems with marching long distances. If they don’t have foot aches then it seems that their bodies are dealing with flat feet just fine. But if they are experiencing foot pains (or ankle, knee, or hip pains) then some degree of arch support may be needed.

For those folks who have recently developed flat feet there is a whole different story. Typical reasons for the development of flat feet include:

  • Age
  • Disease (such as diabetes)
  • Injury
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy

The normal musculoskeletal system works to support the body, beginning with the feet. Any deviation from “normal” will create problems. Since it is normal for the feet to have a noticeable medial arch the body’s muscles and skeleton are structured with that in mind. A less than normal arch will cause misalignment of bones in the feet, ankle, knees, and hips. Muscles and ligaments in the feet (such as the Plantar Fascia) will be stretched and strained. Any one of the reasons above can cause the feet to flatten and create a set of other issues.

If life were simple the solution would be easy. You’d just buy a pair of shoes with good arch support and your body would be realigned, you’d lose weight, etc. Since life isn’t that simple you do what you can in steps. Certainly a supportive pair of shoes can never be a bad thing, and it’s a great place to start. From personal experience, I know the value of getting good arch support (see blog “Plantar Fasciitis”). Relieving the knee and hip pain allowed me to return to running.

Not all feet are the same and not all “supportive” footwear are the same. Try on different brands and see how they work for you. Or you can always contact our Customer Service Department (1-800-336-6657) or click on our live chat and we can help you identify a brand or style that might work well for you.

Great footwear at great prices. What a great deal! Stop by a Happy Feet Plus store near you and save.

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Support your feet in the morning

Do you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis (aka “heel pain”)? Do your knees or back hurt? Often times the cause of the pain starts at your feet. Last week I told y’all about my experience finding relief from Plantar Fasciitis. This week I thought I’d mention the importance of supporting your feet at all times, especially in the morning.

When you first get out of bed you may not think that going barefoot would be a problem. But over night your muscles have relaxed and have had a few hours to recover. If you are experiencing foot problems the last thing you want to do is start the day off causing your feet to be stressed. Instead of going barefoot, slide into a Birkenstock or Kenkoh sandal when you crawl out of bed.

The Kenkoh sandal is an especially good “house slipper.” The arch is pronounced and very supportive. The massaging nodules stimulate the nerve ending in your feet and get your body’s “juices flowing.” Clinical studies have shown that wearing the Kenkoh sandal stimulates blood flow, reduces lower leg swelling, and creates a feeling of “wellbeing.” Can there be a better way to start your day?

Happy Feet Plus has been selling Kenkoh sandals since 1985. During the last 25 years thousands of people have found relief from pain wearing Kenkohs. We feel so strongly about the positive benefits of the Kenkoh sandals that we have made them one of what we call the “Foot Health Essentials.”

The “Foot Health Essentials” consist of three parts – Strengthen, Support, and Revitalize. The Kenkoh sandals represent the Revitalize. segment. The design of the sandal is based on the concept of Reflexology where the sole of the foot has nerve endings that connect with major body parts and functions. Wearing the Kenkoh sandals stimulates the nerve endings and creates a “Revitalizing” effect.

Try a pair. Wear them around the house or when you might be tempted to wear an unsupportive flip-flop. Your feet (and back, and knees…) will be glad you did.

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