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Birkenstock Footbeds are Cool – Keep Them That Way

Birkenstock Footbed Are Cool You know that summer is right around the corner and it will soon be time to wear your Birkenstock sandals all the time.
Summer care of your Birks begins with keeping them away from high heat situations. You don’t want to toss your Birks in the back seat of the car with the sun beating down. If it is 86 degrees outside and the sun is shining, the temperature inside the car can reach upwards of 150 degrees! Temperatures that high can cause serious damage to the Birkenstock sole.
You should also avoid leaving your Birks near campfires, fireplaces, and indoor radiators. If your footwear becomes wet, allow them to air dry slowly, away from direct heat.
The high heat from the car or other heat source will cause the EVA soles to shrink. Depending upon the amount of shrinkage and how the footwear was positioned they may warp into a funky shape. In extreme situations the sole and footbed will separate. Fortunately the heat does not affect the cork and latex footbed. Once the EVA sole is removed the footbed will pop back into its normal shape.
Should your Birkenstocks get exposed to high heat, we can help. Happy Feet Plus is a certified Birkenstock repair facility. We can replace just the EVA sole or do a complete refurbishment and replace both the EVA sole and the cork footbed. It costs just $35 to resole a pair of Birkenstocks and $65 to do a “refurb.”
Before sending your Birks to us for repair, please call us at 1-800-336-6657, extension 244 to talk with our repair shop. We’ll ensure that you get only the service necessary and provide you with a final cost, including shipping and tax, it applicable.
Next time I’ll talk a little about the care and cleaning of your footwear including how to kill the odor of “stinky shoes.”

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