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Resole Those Old Birks & Finns To Save Bucks

Extend the Life of Your Birkenstock or Finn Comfort Footwear.

Happy Feet Plus - Authorized Birkenstock Repair

One of the many advantages of investing in quality footwear like Birkenstock or Finn Comfort is the ability to have them refurbished. Most of the Birkenstock brands have two levels of refurbishment. The least expensive of these is a “resole”.

To resole of a Birkenstock our certified technician removes the old EVA sole and replaces it with an authorized replacement sole. This is a great option if the cork footbed is not damaged or excessively worn. The cost of a resole is $35.00 per pair.

If the sole and the footbed need to be replaced then a “recraft” is required. Recrafts are great for anyone who has grown to love the look or feel of their favorite Birkenstock upper. Anyone with a limited edition or discontinued upper style can extend the life of their footwear for less cost than buying a new clog or sandal. A recraft for a pair of Birkenstocks is only $65.00.

Because refurbishment of your Birks is possible it becomes even more important to properly care for them. Using Cork Life on a regular basis will help protect the cork footbeds and extend their life. Cleaning and polishing the uppers will keep them in good shape and viable for a long time.

Finn Comfort footwear can also be refurbished. Finn Comfort outsoles are replaceable by a certified technician, but insoles can be purchased and replaced by wearers. Soft Replacement Insoles are $54.99 and Hard Replacement Insoles are $44.99.

Replacing the outsole of a Finn Comfort shoe, sandal or clog is only $65.00 a pair. A certified technician will remove the old sole then glue and hand stitch a new sole using water-resistant cobblers thread. The technician will also give your footwear a good polishing and you’ll now have an almost-as-good-as-new pair of Finn Comforts.

If you consider each refurbishment a “new” pair of shoes, you can see how dramatically you can cut the cost per pair if you resole your shoes just twice.

If you have any questions about resole, repair, recraft or refurbishment, call 1-800-336-6657 or go to Happy Feet Plus Web Site and click on the “Live Chat” link at the top of the page.

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