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Putting the “Happy” Back into Holiday Shopping

With the crush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday firmly behind us, we here at Happy Feet Plus have settled into the final push before the big day in a few weeks.

But the holiday shopping season is a little bit different with us. With a focus on health, relaxation, and downright tranquility, our in-store experiences are anything but uncomfortable, especially this time of year. We take pride in helping busy shoppers who drag into our stores at the ends of long shopping days. After telling us about their foot, knee, or back pain and getting a professional foot scan, these customers are then able to happily take a load off of their tired feet and sit back and relax while we serve up some of the healthiest and most revitalizing shoes that they’ve ever tried on. It is not uncommon for our customers to purposely wait until the end of their long, tiring days to stop in to see us, and many of them share their enthusiasm for our relaxing, hassle-free shopping environments.

Of course, for those of you who live outside of the Tampa Bay area, we also strive to provide a helpful, friendly online shopping experience as well. When you call our customer service department you’ll often speak with the same one or two knowledgeable individuals, and over time we take pride in forming great relationships with our online and telephone customers. And you’ll rarely, if ever, have to wait on hold more than a couple of minutes to speak with us.

And call us a bit old-fashioned, but we are not (and, to the best of my knowledge, will never be) open on Thanksgiving. We believe that employees who are allowed to live healthy and productive lives away from work will lead healthier and more productive work lives.

Overall, our goal here at Happy Feet Plus is to help people improve their lives through better foot health. It is in knowing that we are improving the lives of others that we take tremendous pride in what we do.

In planning this week’s blog, I was tempted to write yet another cautionary tale of Black Friday horror stories, but who wants more of that? Granted, it is downright challenging to find inspirational Black Friday stories (and by inspirational, I don’t mean this guy). Google “inspirational” or “happy” and “Black Friday” together, and you don’t find much other than the expected tales of woe. So, Happy Feeters, here is a challenge for you: share your happy holiday shopping stories with us! If you have a positive Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other shopping experience please send us the details and we’ll pass it along. Let’s generate some healing and goodwill and help, at least a little, to turn Black Friday and the whole holiday shopping extravaganza back into a positive pastime once again.


Support your feet in the morning

Do you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis (aka “heel pain”)? Do your knees or back hurt? Often times the cause of the pain starts at your feet. Last week I told y’all about my experience finding relief from Plantar Fasciitis. This week I thought I’d mention the importance of supporting your feet at all times, especially in the morning.

When you first get out of bed you may not think that going barefoot would be a problem. But over night your muscles have relaxed and have had a few hours to recover. If you are experiencing foot problems the last thing you want to do is start the day off causing your feet to be stressed. Instead of going barefoot, slide into a Birkenstock or Kenkoh sandal when you crawl out of bed.

The Kenkoh sandal is an especially good “house slipper.” The arch is pronounced and very supportive. The massaging nodules stimulate the nerve ending in your feet and get your body’s “juices flowing.” Clinical studies have shown that wearing the Kenkoh sandal stimulates blood flow, reduces lower leg swelling, and creates a feeling of “wellbeing.” Can there be a better way to start your day?

Happy Feet Plus has been selling Kenkoh sandals since 1985. During the last 25 years thousands of people have found relief from pain wearing Kenkohs. We feel so strongly about the positive benefits of the Kenkoh sandals that we have made them one of what we call the “Foot Health Essentials.”

The “Foot Health Essentials” consist of three parts – Strengthen, Support, and Revitalize. The Kenkoh sandals represent the Revitalize. segment. The design of the sandal is based on the concept of Reflexology where the sole of the foot has nerve endings that connect with major body parts and functions. Wearing the Kenkoh sandals stimulates the nerve endings and creates a “Revitalizing” effect.

Try a pair. Wear them around the house or when you might be tempted to wear an unsupportive flip-flop. Your feet (and back, and knees…) will be glad you did.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis. Two words that make you sweat if you’ve ever been stricken by the dreaded arch pain. During the 2009 NFL football season even a player as carefully watched as Eli Manning developed Plantar Fasciitis.

Quite a few years ago I experienced the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. Not only did my heel hurt but I had a stabbing “sciatic” pain in my hamstring and glute. Worse it disrupted my long-distance running. Three cortisone treatments at the Orthopede didn’t work. Several months of ultrasound and electrical stimulation treatments at the Chiro didn’t work. Finally I visited a Podiatrist who said I needed orthotics. Whahoo. Two weeks later the sciatic pain was gone and I was running again.

How does this relate to Happy Feet Plus? Simple. Good arch support. When I started working for Happy Feet Plus I bought my first pair of Birkenstock sandals. Finally I found a pair of sandals with as much arch support as my orthotics. My knees and hips didn’t hurt because my arches were properly supported. It was a great discovery.

I have expanded my footwear collection to include the Finn Comfort London and the Tatami Oklahoma. Because the footbeds in both were a little less aggressive than the Birkenstock footbed I had to make a minor modification. More about that in a later blog entry. Stay tuned.

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Regards – Dave