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Kenkoh Reflexology Sandals

Kenkoh – Why Kenkoh Is The Best Choice For Reflexology Sandals?

Since the development of the first wooden soled massage sandal in 1965, Kenkoh has been aiding individuals in improving health through foot reflexology. The uniquely designed sandals were mass-produced in 1969 in Japan with the purpose of alleviating many health issues based upon customary Japanese reflexology principals. To this day, Kenkoh reflexology sandals effectively integrate reflexology techniques into daily activities, enabling natural improvements to health without any interruption to normal daily practices.  Aside from the remarkable massage received when worn, many other benefits present themselves when opting to select Kenkoh reflexology sandals.

The Advantages of Reflexology Sandals

Reflexology sandals do not only massage the feet while worn, but they also promote natural health by enabling numerous health advantages at the same time. History states that reflexology techniques have been used for thousands of years. Reflexology is a type of massage used to alleviate tension, maintain general health and to treat sickness through reflex points in the feet. Reflexologists believe that when the body is stressed or fighting sickness, that is becomes imbalanced, which causes it to become more ill and unable to relieve the stress and tension. Through the use of Kenkoh foot massage sandals, which have hundreds of massage nodules contoured to the shape of the foot, people are feeling the benefits and can do so with effort only as simple as slipping on a pair of sandals. Offering benefits and relief from countless illnesses and pains, including back pain, tension headaches, poor circulation, foot pain, lack of energy, lower body swelling, stress, even arthritis, and far more, Kenkoh reflexology sandals can realign overall body performance while maintaining physiological balance.

The Advantages of Choosing Kenkoh

Kenkoh has developed an alternative healing method that has a proven record. In 2006, a clinical study was completed at the Kyoto University School of Medicine in Japan on Kenkoh’s reflexology sandals. Kenkoh is the only reflexology sandal to be clinically studied and proven to have positive medical advaKenkoh Reflexology Massage Sandalsntages. In this study, Kenkoh was selected overall Best of Class.

The findings revealed that the sandals eased and relieved overall fatigue and that fatigue improved considerably after some wear. Also proven was that the pulse of participants stayed considerably lower, as well as a lessening of lower foot, heel and ankle swelling.

The overall results of the clinical study proved that participants had less foot pain than did prior, and overall, generally felt better.

Kenkoh gathered recommendations from the clinical study and advanced their technology further, now producing the absolute best reflexology sandal available.  Such a marvelous technology was once only available overseas, but in 2011, the Kenkoh brand was launched across the United States, exclusively through Happy Feet Plus and can now be found in select premium locations, including online at

Wearing Kenkoh reflexology sandals can have a great impact on how you feel day to day. They can aid in reviving bodily organs to keep them healthy, promote blood circulation to the feet and legs, all while lessening fatigue and keeping your feet feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle what any day brings your way.

The Benfits of Wearing Kenkoh Reflexology Foot Massage Sandals

How Can Kenkoh Reflexology Foot Massage Sandals Improve Your Life?

When it comes to health, balance, and overall physical well-being, reflexology has long been known to contribute significantly to enhancing circulation and optimal body functionality. Kenkoh reflexology foot massage sandals effectively incorporate reflexology techniques into day-to-day behavior, enabling improvements to occur naturally within the context of regular daily life.

Reflexology uses zone stimulation on the bottom of the feet in order to stimulate oxygen delivery, and subsequently maximize the performance of organs. Such zone stimulation has proven to effect positive changes in activity, mood, and effectiveness in the way organs are able to maintain the body.

Historical evidence proves that reflexology techniques have been relied upon for thousands of years, at a minimum. Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese practices are all known to have archaeological documentation that includes reflexology illustrations. Once surgical and medicinal options were introduced, they began to overshadow prior methods, and zone touch massage stimulation techniques began to fade into the background.

Numerous studies, from nearly two dozen countries, have been conducted to uncover the various benefits of reflexology. From relaxation to pain relief, swift injury recovery and healing to mitigating depression, the numerous upsides of stimulating the bottom of the foot span the productive gamut. Foot massage sandals are not only problem solvers, when it comes to realigning body performance, but they can also maintain that harmonious physiological balance that everyone seeks.

Because foot massage sandals create an environment of reflexology stimulation with every walking experience, they provide a profound aid for pregnant woman. Reflexology has been shown to alleviate discomfort, from nausea to swelling reduction, and can aid in the minimization of negative symptoms after giving birth as well. Those prone to post-partum depression, stress, and anxiety can find great relief and relaxation by wearing foot massage sandals.

Interestingly, even someone who is not fully ambulatory can benefit from the foot massage sandals. When reclined, the wearer need only apply mild pressure on the feet against a foot rest or bed pillow. Even this will offer useful stimulation to aid healing and circulation.

Keep in mind that the body is a complex system of interconnected organs, nerves, arteries and veins that signal each other in order to perform properly and serve you. Pressure points, pressure sensors, and appropriate touch can inhibit blockages, and aid in purging toxins that will otherwise impede performance.

Foot massage sandals are a powerful tool that can provide easy integration of reflexology techniques into your daily routine, without interruption or the need to schedule extra time to incorporate them. This revolutionary option enables you to allow each of the 10 longitudinal zones to be attended to daily, stimulating the flow of energy and blood, as well as nutrients and healthy nerve signals.

As opposed to repeatedly paying for ongoing costly and time-consuming weekly sessions at a Reflexology office, now you have the opportunity to invest in foot massage sandals that can provide the same results daily and at your convenience. Such an investment in your health and well-being can change your life.