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Jane’s Pick – Finn Comfort Aussee Clogs

Well they’re not Russell Crowe or Keith Urban but they are AusseesFinn Comfort Aussees that is. The black Aussee has a smooth leather toe and a wide textured forefoot band. The brown Aussee has a coffee-brown toe and darker brown band. Save $56.25 this week on these Aussee clogs.

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Guys Like Birkenstocks Too

Happy Feet Plus - Birkenstock Footwear for Men

I just read a comment from one of the blog readers and was surprised.

The author is a male who has an interest in distributing foot health information, but he was unaware that Birkenstock made footwear for guys. What a wonderful world this guy has been missing!

If there’s one person who doesn’t know that there are Birkenstocks for men, there are probably thousands (tens, or hundreds of thousands, or more?) of guys wondering around with sore feet. Well guys, here’s a revelation – there are Birkenstock sandals, shoes and clogs that will fit you just fine. They’ll support your arches and allow your toes to have wiggle room. The cork footbed will mold to unique foot shape and in general, just make you feel better. At least they did for me.

It’s been a few years (if ever) that the New York or Paris fashionistas have unvailed footwear styled like Birkenstocks. And that’s OK. Birkenstock has been very constant in making what they believe to be honest, functional, high quality, and comfortable footwear. They’ve added brands like Alpro, Birki’s, Footprints, Papillio, and Tatami to provide footwear niche styling.

If you visit our retail site ( and go to any of the Birkenstock brand pages mentioned above, you see links for men-sized sandals, shoes, or clogs (except for Papillio which is women-only.) Look around. There are options for work, casual or beach/pool use. You’ll find footwear made with leather, suede, nubuck, and synthetic materials. Lots of choices and they’re all good.

Try a pair, I’m sure you’ll like them.

Great footwear at great prices. What a great deal! Stop by a Happy Feet Plus store near you and save.

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Comfort Gone Cute

Happy Feet Plus - Taos Footwear

Have you heard of Taos footwear? Probably not.

Taos is a small manufacturer that has been around for only about 5 years, but during that time they have made a big name for themselves as an independent label featuring comfort casual footwear.

With no fanfare, last week we began offer Taos footwear to our on-line customers. The response has been unexpectedly outstanding. So what is it that makes these shoes, sandals, clogs, and boots so different?

Taos describes them as “comfort gone cute”. Yes, they have style features that are different than most of our other brands – more about that later. Most important for us though is what goes on under your feet.

The Taos footbed meets the Happy Feet Plus “seal of approval”. It has a strong metatarsal arch, a moderate medial arch and is firmly cushioned. The sandals also feature a toe bar that strengthens the feet as you walk and helps your toes grip the footbed.

When you browse the 20+ styles of Taos footwear we offer you’ll notice a mix of conservative to funky. The Tempo sandal features adjustable straps in a familiar walking style. The Bungie Jump shoe, on the other hand, is one of the funkiest shoes we sell. Instead of straps or laces it does indeed use bungie cords to keep the soft leather upper comfortably secured.

You’re not going to find Taos footwear in your big department stores or on-line super sites. But you will find them here, at We love them. You will too.

Great footwear at great prices. What a great deal! Stop by a Happy Feet Plus store near you and save.

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The Birkenstock Attraction: History

The Birkenstock Attraction: History.

The Birkenstock family has been making shoes for more than two hundred years, however Birkenstock shoes, sandals, and clogs did not gain popularity outside of Germany until 1966, when a woman named Margot Fraser discovered them during vacation in Germany and started to import them into the United States, where they developed a lot of popularity among people who recognize quality in footwear.

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Birkenstock Clogs

These are Birkenstock Clogs.

This is a slide show video of the Birkenstock Clog styles for 2010.

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Clogs Rule

Happy Feet Plus - Clogs Rule

I never thought I’d wear clogs. Now, if I could, I’d wear nothing else.

What changed? Certainly as I’ve gotten older my inclination is towards comfort versus fashion. But more than that perhaps is an awareness of what it means to wear comfortable and (dare I say) orthopedically correct footwear.

I am particularly fond of the Tatami Oklahoma clog. First, the footbed has great support in all three arches (lateral, medial, and metatarsal). I wore the clogs while walking from one end of Savannah to another with my wife and my feet felt great. On days that I don’t run I prefer the Oklahomas to anything else that I own. They help my legs to rest and recover.

The other thing that I like about clogs is their breathability. You don’t realize how comfortable it is to have the airflow until you go back to wearing a closed-in shoe. In a closed shoe my feet are “hot and bothered”. On the other hand in the clogs there is wiggle room and even in the hot Florida summer my feet feel cool.

So, if you’re sitting at your computer with shoes on that make your feet sweat or your toes feel pinched, think about a clog. They may not look as fashionable with your “little black dress” or Brooks Brothers suit, but they sure as heck will feel better.

And isn’t feeling better more important?

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Finn Comfort Clogs

These are Finn Comfort Clogs.

Finn Comfort Clogs are available at in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics. Finn Comfort provides serious support not just for your feet, but for your entire body. Their no-nonsense orthopedic design reflects the latest medical research.

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Jane’s Picks – Finn Comfort Venice & Belem

I really liked the idea of a his and her’s special so I’m doing it again this week. Get ready for Fall (yep it’s right around the corner) and save $56.25 on the Finn Comfort Belem Nut Vintage for her. Save $53.75 on the Finn Comfort Venice Espresso for him. As usual, one week only.

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Finn Comfort Excellence in Orthopedic Shoes

Finn Comfort Orthopedic Shoes are produced with the perfect combination of uncompromising old world European craftsmanship and skills. Finn Comfort shoes are widely prescribed by podiatrists and general health practitioners alike, to help alleviate chronic foot and back pain.

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Birki’s Sandal Collection

The Birki’s sandal collection.
Birki’s sandals and clogs are available at in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials

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