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Jane’s Picks — Profi-Birki Black Skull Clog

Finally, a cook’s clog with personality. I couldn’t wait to let all of you chefs with style get the new Black Skull Profi-Birki on your feet. If they inspire a new recipe, let me know! Remember, 25% off this week only.

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BlackSkull Profi-Birkis are now available

Happy Feet Plus - BlackSkull Profi-Birkis

Are you a chef who wants more that just a plain colored clog?
If so, the new Proi-Birki is just for you.

We just got our shipment of the new BlackSkull Profi-Birki. The skull and crossbones design is a first for Birki’s who normally only make single-color Profi- clogs.

As with all Profi-Birkis, the BlackSkull features ALPRO-foam polyurethane uppers. It has a replaceable and washable footbed which is made from polyurethane with a microfiber coating.

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Who Loves Profi-Birkis and Super-Birkis?

Chefs Like Birki's

Folks in the medical and culinary professions love to wear Super-Birki and Profi-Birki clogs.

It’s easy to see why. Remove the footbeds and you can wash the shoes in water at temperatures up to 140°F. The Profi-Birki’s footbed, being constructed of EVA, is washable in water up to 86°F.

Recently the Profi-Birki with the Alpro-Foam soles received certified slip-resistant status. Just one more reason why kitchen staff love these clogs.

One issue that occasionally arises with both the Super-Birki or the Profi-Birki is the way they fit. Because they are constructed of polyurethane both clogs are designed to be generous. The generous fit allows for air flow around the foot. Since polyurethane is waterproof (which is great in a kitchen or operating room) is does not “breathe”. That’s the reason Birki’s designed them with the generous fit. A tight fit would encourage your feet to sweat which could lead to the growth of fungus and development of bad odor.

Unfortunately the generous fit can make the clog feel “sloppy”. One way to create a tighter fit with either the Super-Birki or Profi-Birki is to remove the footbed and insert a flat foam insole (like the inexpensive kind you can pick up at your local drug store). Place the Birki’s insole back in overtop of the foam insole. The clog will fit tighter, but you’ll still have enough “breathing room” to keep your feet healthy.

If you love the Super-Birki or Profi-Birki, you might want to check out the clogs by Alpro. They are also certified slip-resistant.

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