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Birkenstock Reveals Handmade Line In Support Of Oaxaca Culture ?>

Birkenstock Reveals Handmade Line In Support Of Oaxaca Culture

As any wearer of Birkenstock knows, there is no substitute for the Cinderella-esque sensation of sliding on those perfectly broken-in pairs. With 2016’s Spring and Summer trends predicting another fruitful season for Birkenstock, the sandals can be seen from festival lovers to the soles of celebrities. However, don’t Birkenstocks basically all look the same? Apparently, that couldn’t be further from the truth as Birkenstock reveals its latest collection, “Zapotec.” Part of the company’s “Birkenstock 365” campaign, which features seasonally themed…

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Summer Solstice Sale ?>

Summer Solstice Sale

Interesting Birkenstock Fact: Birkenstock Madrid Sandals – The original that started it all. Known as the Birkenstock Fitness Sandal in Europe, this design tones the foot and calf muscles while improving circulation. This timeless one strap features the famous Birkenstock contoured footbed, fully adjustable strap and shock absorbing EVA sole. Not to mention when you purchase them online not only do you get $10.00 Off your getting FREE SHIPPING as well, you can’t beat it!!!  

Birkenstock: Quality Footwear for Everyone ?>

Birkenstock: Quality Footwear for Everyone

Birkenstock has been synonymous with quality footwear since 1774. Made in Germany, these clogs, sandals, and shoes are designed to support your feet, and provide absolute comfort throughout the entire day. There are several reasons why Birkenstocks outlast the competition. One of them is the traditional styles which continue to be popular while fads come and go. Leather never goes out of fashion, nor does the virtue of a simple shade of brown or black. If they are well cared…

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Birkenstock: Unmatched Comfort ?>

Birkenstock: Unmatched Comfort

Birkenstock: What Sets it Apart From Other Shoes? Beginning in Germany in 1774, Birkenstock has made its presence and purpose known in the footwear industry for more than 230 years strong. This now worldwide company prides itself on providing comfortable, innovative, long-lasting, sustainable footwear products that are as naturally fashionable as ever. Happy Feet, at, is proud to host all six lines of the German handcrafted Birkenstock family, namely Alpro, Birkenstock, Birki’s, Footprints, Papillio, and Tatami. Comfort The secret…

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Birkenstock: Why Buy The Real Thing? ?>

Birkenstock: Why Buy The Real Thing?

Birkenstock Imitations or the Real Thing? Birkenstock shoes have been worn and loved since 1774. Made in Germany, this brand is most recognizable in the US for the sandals popularized in the 1960s with the emergence of Birkenstock USA. Many manufacturers imitate the look and style of Birkenstock sandals due to their widespread appeal. There are important differences, however, which distinguish an authentic pair from knock-offs that you may be tempted to purchase. Characteristics of the Real Thing Real Birkenstock…

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Why Do People Buy Birkenstock Sandals Shoes and Clogs? ?>

Why Do People Buy Birkenstock Sandals Shoes and Clogs?

What Makes Birkenstock Special? For more than 230 years, the original German-born Birkenstock shoe company has remained true to its vision of natural comfort and simplicity. If your current experience with Birkenstock shoes consists of blowing past the kiosk in the mall or spotting them on passersby then you too have got some serious catching up to do. Birkenstock sandals and shoes hold true to their genuine heritage while representing a modern flair, making only minor adjustments over the years…

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