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Sneaker Season

Happy Feet Plus - Sneaker Season


Most of the country is preparing for Fall and your sandals (your Birkenstock sandals?) are going into the closet.

So what can you wear instead and still have the support, quality and comfort you’ve come to love from those Birks?

I’ve got a couple of suggestions. From the Birkenstock family of products, there are three styles from Footprints that fit the bill – the Darlington, the Davenport and the Santarem. These are fashionable sneakers but with a level of quality that you’ll never find in your “off-the-rack” shoe stores.

And from Finn Comfort there are the Cusco and the Soho shoes. The Soho looks a lot like a “Chuck” but with top quality nubuck leather uppers and cork footbed support. Never have sneakers been so good for your feet.

So you’ve got five great alternatives with removable cork footbeds and exceptional support. Let’s take a look at all five and see which one you might like best.

Footprints Darlington – Eight different color and fabric combinations are available. Outer fabrics include all leather, leather/mesh, all suede, and suede/mesh. The Footprints Classic Footbed is constructed of cork and latex. It is removable and replaceable. The sole has a low profile look and the uppers sport a unique stripping.
Click here to see all available Darlington shoes.

Footprints Davenport – Black and Mocha suede models are available. The Davenports also feature the removable and replaceable Footprints Classic Footbed. The sole has a wide base with a moderately-aggressive tread pattern.
Click here to see all available Davenport shoes.

Footprints Santarem – Black Leather and Antique Brown Leather styles are readily available while the Black Suede and Mocha Suede styles have limited availability. All Santarem models also use the Footprints Classic Footbed. The sole has a sleek, hip style with a more aggressive tread.
Click here to see all available Santarem shoes.

Finn Comfort Cusco – Black Leather and White Leather; Ebony (more of a dark brown), Navy, and Stone Nubuck all are hand-crafted in Germany and fitted with the Finn Comfort Soft Footbed. The footbed is removable and replaceable.
Click here to see all available Cusco shoes.

Finn Comfort Soho – Olive, Sea Blue, and Black Nubuck uppers and classic Finn Comfort Soft Footbeds. The Soho is also hand-crafted in Germany.
Click here to see all available Soho shoes.

Great options for anyone who needs support and wants a high quality product. These shoes will perform well in cool or cold weather. Hey you might even still wear them come next spring and the weather turns warm again.

Try a pair, I’m sure you’ll like them.

Great footwear at great prices. What a great deal! Stop by a Happy Feet Plus store near you and save.

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