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Happy Feet Plus - Reading Your Birkenstock Label


We occasionally get calls from customers who don’t understand the Birkenstock box and footbed labeling. Here’s a short tutorial that should clear up most of your questions.

All Birkenstock brands (Birkenstock, Alpro, Birki’s, Footprints, Papillio, and Tatami) use similar labeling.

The important elements on the BOX LABELS include:

  • Width Footprint (A)
  • Sizes in Euro, Metric, and U.S. (B)
  • Item Number – including width reference (C)
  • Other Info – product image; product name; upper material and color; footbed liner material, footbed material, upper material, sole material

Likewise, all Birkenstock brand FOOTBEDS carry very similar markings:

  • Width Footprint (A)
  • Sizes in Euro, Metric, and U.S. (B)
  • Manufacturing Run Sequence (D)

OK, let’s take them one at a time.

The Width Footprint may display one of three images:

  • Regular (A1)
  • Medium (A2)
  • Narrow (A3)

All item numbers (on the box labels) end in either a 1, 2, or 3. Items ending in “1″ are regular width. Items that end in “2″ are medium width, and those that end in “3″ are narrow width.

The sizing information (B) provides length references. The top number represents the Euro size. Euro sizing does not differentiate between men’s and women’s – a size 42 is a size 42 whether it is a men’s style, a women’s style, or a unisex style.

The middle number is the metric measure. It is an absolute measurement in millimeters. Typically this measure is from the back edge of the heel cup to the front edge of the footbed “lip”.

The bottom number(s) is the U.S. sizing. Normally it will list the ladies size equivalent (L) and the men’s size equivalent (M). In the smallest and largest sizes only a ladies or men’s size may be shown.

Finally, many but not all footbeds will have a manufacturing run sequence number (D). This has nothing to do with size. It is a sequential number used during manufacturing to keep left and right shoes matched up. This number ensures that the carefully selected matched leather for left and right shoes is kept together.

Hopefully this will help you get the right fit whether you’re buying for the first time or the hundredth time.

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