Oprah likes the shoes from Happy Feet Plus ?>

Oprah likes the shoes from Happy Feet Plus

Happy Feet Plus - Article by Jaleh Hoofar from Oprah Magazine

I admit, Oprah didn’t specifically mention the shoes we sell at Happy Feet Plus, but an article from her magazine says all the right things about the kinds of footwear we sell.

Last week Jane, one of the Happy Feet Plus owners, told me that Birkenstock and Mephisto shoes were mentioned on a recent Dr. Oz show. I went looking for the show segment and struck out. While I was poking around looking for the reference I came across a 2007 article from O, The Oprah Magazine. The information comes from Jaleh Hoofar, a doctor of podiatric medicine.

Dr. Hoofar’s article is right on target. All of the footwear that we support at happyfeet.com has the features that Dr. Hoofar espouses. If you want to read her full article see The Shoe Doctor Is In.

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