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Not Just An Average Joe

Happy Feet Plus - Repair Shop Joe

There are some who call him… Joe.

Joe (his real name – no alias needed here) has been fixin’ shoes for 24 years. Joe is our shoe repair guy. We like Joe. He shows up in the morning, says “Hi”, goes into his shop and closes the door. At the end of his day he opens the door, lines up all the nicely polished resoled, repaired, refurbished, re-whatever footwear, and goes home.

What magic does Joe perform behind that closed door each day? A few weeks ago I described the process of resoling and refurbishing Birkenstock and Finn Comfort footwear. Joe does that but that’s not the end of the work he can do.

In addition to the refurbs and resoles Joe does lifts, wedges, and tapers. But wait, that’s not all. He can make almost any Birkenstock into a high arch or soft footbed version, so you’re not limited to just the stock styles and colors.

Yes Joe’s a versatile, and busy, guy. If you have a question or need more specific information about repairs, call him at 1-800-336-6657 and ask for “Joe the Repair Guy”.

Here’s a list of some of the custom work Joe can do in addition to the basic refurbs and repairs.

  • Lifts up to 5 inches (for those with a leg-length discrepancy)
  • Medial Wedges
  • Lateral Wedges
  • Heel Wedges (just the heel or from heel to metatarsal)
  • Lift Rocker Tapers (for those who’ve had major knee or ankle surgery)

All lifts, wedges, and tapers use an ultra-lightweight and durable material. All soles are matched to ensure a uniform appearance.

Happy Feet Plus is an Authorized Birkenstock and Finn Comfort Repair Facility.

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