Looking Dull and Dry? ?>

Looking Dull and Dry?

Happy Feet Plus - Cool Weather Squeeze


Last weekend I did a clean up on my Birkenstock Arizona sandals. Part of the process was giving the exposed cork a healthy dose of Cork Life. It was apparent that I had exposed the Arizonas to a bit too much water. The cork was dull and dry. They really needed the Cork Life to seal and protect against further damage.

Proper maintenance of the cork will help you get the maximum life out of any sandal or clog. So, how do you know if you need to add a coat of Cork Life? Here’s a picture of a sandal that needed Cork Life a long time ago. Notice how the cork appears dried out and pieces have broken off. Also, the suede footbed has separated from the cork. The only course of action in this case is to replace the footbed and sole. A $5.99 bottle of Cork Life is a lot less expensive that $65.00 refurbishment.

Happy Feet Plus - Cool Weather Squeeze
Happy Feet Plus - Cool Weather Squeeze

As a side-to-side comparison, here are two sandals in differing states of need. The one on the left recently had a new coat of Cork Life applied to it. The sandal on the right is begging for a recoating – notice the dull appearance of the cork. You should apply Cork Life once a month or so, or when the cork looks dull.

In ten minutes you can wipe down the cork and add a healthy coat of Cork Life. With proper maintenance you Birkenstock footwear will last a good long time.

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