Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk ?>

Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk

Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk

Can Good Quality Footwear Really Make A Difference? You Bet!

Recently we received a “Satisfied Customer” story from Robyn, one of our foot health specialists, that I found interesting. We often hear anecdotes regarding how our footwear (most often our Kenkoh Massage Sandals and the MBT brand) have enabled customers to get around with reduced or even eliminated pain. It was nice to get this first-hand experience that you too may find interesting and helpful.

“On Thursday May 20th a regular customer named Sandra came in for some walking shoes. She told me that at one point she was confined to a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk. During a trip to Sedona, AZ, she decided to try and walk. She had just purchased her first pair of Finn’s from us. To her surprise, she was able to walk without the usual pain that resulted from two ankle breaks, knee surgery and multiple heart attacks. Sandra came back to visit throughout the years and experimented with other brands we carry…Merrell’s, Ecco’s, MBT’s and Aetrex, but never felt the same relief she experienced wearing the Finn’s.”

“We spent around two hours together, establishing styles in Finn Comfort that would best fit her needs. The Jamaica was the shoe in the past that she had the most success with. Sandra left our store having purchased two pairs of Vaasa’s, two pairs of Catalina’s, Birkenstock 2-Part Sport insoles and Thorlos. Next stop for Sandra; Sedona AZ with her new walking shoes.”

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