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Clogs Rule

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I never thought I’d wear clogs. Now, if I could, I’d wear nothing else.

What changed? Certainly as I’ve gotten older my inclination is towards comfort versus fashion. But more than that perhaps is an awareness of what it means to wear comfortable and (dare I say) orthopedically correct footwear.

I am particularly fond of the Tatami Oklahoma clog. First, the footbed has great support in all three arches (lateral, medial, and metatarsal). I wore the clogs while walking from one end of Savannah to another with my wife and my feet felt great. On days that I don’t run I prefer the Oklahomas to anything else that I own. They help my legs to rest and recover.

The other thing that I like about clogs is their breathability. You don’t realize how comfortable it is to have the airflow until you go back to wearing a closed-in shoe. In a closed shoe my feet are “hot and bothered”. On the other hand in the clogs there is wiggle room and even in the hot Florida summer my feet feel cool.

So, if you’re sitting at your computer with shoes on that make your feet sweat or your toes feel pinched, think about a clog. They may not look as fashionable with your “little black dress” or Brooks Brothers suit, but they sure as heck will feel better.

And isn’t feeling better more important?

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