Are You Pregant and Do Your Feet Hurt? ?>

Are You Pregant and Do Your Feet Hurt?

Happy Feet Plus - Are You Pregnant and Do Your Feet Hurt?


OK, so I’m a guy and can’t fully appreciate the effects that pregnancy bestows on a woman’s body. Although if I knew then, when she was pregnant oh so many years ago, what I know now my wife would have been at least a bit more comfortable.

You may hate for saying this, but do your toes look like sausages stuffed into your shoes? It’s not your fault, you’ve just got the wrong shoes. Normally a woman will wear a half size or even a full size larger, even after delivery. Sorry, but that’s all part of the process. Don’t fight it, recognize it and wear what fits and is good for you. You’ll definitely feel better.

Let’s start at the beginning, well not the very beginning. We all know pretty much know how what happened there. But once you’re pregnant things start happening. The most obvious change is the belly-bump and the corresponding weight gain. Center of gravity changes and the added weight affects everything from the hips to the soles of the feet – and everything in between. You’ll also start retaining water and edema will make your toes feel like those little sausages. I’ll talk more about edema next week.

Often referred to as “flat feet”, over-pronation is a common result of being pregnant. To compensate for the added weight, a woman will adjust her walk by tilting her pelvis forward, curving the lower spine. This changes the pressure on the feet, resulting in the over-pronation. The arches flatten and the knees can tilt inward. The plantar fascia (the muscle/ligament that makes up the medial arch) is stretched and aggravated. But wait there’s more.

Among the hormones now surging through your body is relaxin. The hormone relaxin is 10 times more concentrated in the female during pregnancy. Relaxin enables the joints in the pelvis to relax and allows the baby to pass through the birth canal. Unfortunately relaxin affects all joints and ligaments, including those in your feet. The relaxing ligaments make the over-pronation condition worse.

You might wonder what Happy Feet Plus can do to help pregnant women. The quick answer is arch support. While there’s more to it than that, arch support is a great place to start. Any pair of footwear with good arch support (e.g., Birkenstock, Alpro, Birki’s, Footprints, Papillio, Tatami, Finn Comfort, Kenkoh) will help resolve your over-pronation issues which will help alleviate any knee or hip pain. Also affected by the presence of relaxin and impact of the weight gain are the other two main arches in the foot – the metatarsal and lateral arches. Footwear that is good for you will support all three arches and help keep your feet from aching.

An added benefit of wearing good footwear is that they most often have a wide toe box. You already know that you’re not going to fit into your pointy-toed high heels while you’re carrying your “little bundle of joy”. Now would be a great time to get a pair of shoes, sandals, or clogs with good support and some space in the toe box. By wearing these shoes now, as well as after you deliver, you’ll be avoiding bunions, ingrown toenails, corns and calluses. Who wants any of those?

Being a mom means many things. Your responsibilities increase and you need to feel good. Why not start with having feet that don’t hurt? At least one part of your body will be happy and happy feet are, well, happy feet.

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