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Joya: The Softest Shoe in the World

Joya Puts the Joy Back Into Walking

Developed by the son of the original maker of the MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) shoe company, Joya embraces a futuristic and minimalist approach to footwear comfort optimization. Inspired by the natural flow of walking encouraged by MBT’s research findings, Joya’s founders Karl Mueller Jr. and Claudio Minder are dedicated to providing products that continue the MBT legacy, but with a more flexible and lightweight design.

Joya ShoesJoya shoes are not all about toning or providing a workout in disguise. On the contrary, the focus of the Joya company is to create a walking experience that is as effortless and comfortable as is humanly and scientifically possible. Joya footwear uses lightweight breathable materials that allow your feet to breathe and remain cool and refreshed, just like when they are in their natural form: bare. The soft, buoyant materials absorb the shock created when your foot strikes a hard walking surface. They cushion your joints and minimize the stress inflicted on them.

The ergonomic design of this innovative line of footwear also promotes muscle alignment and activity from your core all the way down to the tips of your toes. The enhanced physiological structure promotes a healthy bodily arrangement for guided walking that is both enjoyable and wholesome. Doctors and physical therapists alike have been known to recommend this company’s fine line of products due to their therapeutic qualities and benefits.

An intense 12-person study performed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology revealed striking results and praise for Joya shoes. Like its predecessor MBT, Joya mimics the sensation of walking barefoot on a slightly yielding terrain.

The findings of the study showed that the shoes not only give, as you step, with the desired natural suppleness, but they also effectively cushion weak joints, elevate the amount of energy exerted, promote a greater range of motion & support a more fluid motion & smoother trajectory as compared with other conventional shoe brands. Users report having more stamina to walk further distances, an overall improved posture, and significantly reduced back pain.

As the acclaimed “Softest Shoe in the World,” Joya aims to promote health and happiness by keeping your feet content. The idea is to make walking comfortable and fun so you can enjoy the movement itself and experience an elevated mood just from doing such a mundane daily activity as walking. According to its myriad of loyal customers, Joya truly puts the joy back into walking.

Joya – The World’s Most Comfortable Shoe?

Joya – Comfort for Your Feet

A truly comfortable shoe is but a dream for most shoe wearers. Each year consumers collectively spend billions of dollars in the pursuit of a comfortable pair shoes. Shoe manufacturers often claim the shoes they produce will delight your feet and place a smile on your face. The smile quickly fades and foot pain sets in. The search for a truly comfortable shoe is now over. The world’s most comfortable shoe is available to the masses. Joya shoes are the ultimate shoe in comfort and style.Joya Shoes

The Joya story began in a college dormitory room. The son of MBT footwear designer Karl Mueller, Sr. decided to create a shoe similar to MBT footwear. However, Karl Mueller, Jr. wanted a shoe that was lightweight and did not have the “chunkiness” of the elliptical design of MBT footwear. Along with his partner Claudio Minder, Karl Jr. has created a shoe so comfortable that millions of customers have discovered the joy of walking.

The Joya sole technology is incredible. This high-tech design utilizes the best materials to create the softest shoe in the world. The best feature is the sole and cushioning support is designed to last at least four million steps. This equates to approximately two years of shoe life. Just think how often you bought a pair of shoes that were comfortable. Then, after two or three months, the cushioning support diminished and your feet began to ache again. The incredible comfort of Joya shoes will last at least two years.

This incredible brand of shoes will keep your feet happy longer than any shoe on the market today. Imagine the money you can save over two years. Replacing shoes every two or three months is expensive. In addition, it is disappointing to have shoes wear out so quickly. Once you discover the unique comfort of the softest shoes on the market, you can say good-bye to disappointment. You new pair of Joya shoes will feel fantastic every time you wear them.

Joya is not just a comfortable shoe
; it is an unbelievable experience. Once you walk in a pair of Joya shoes, you will become a loyal customer for life. The shoes truly create the sensation of floating while you are walking. In addition, the sole technology provides a trampoline effect. You will discover the shoe will put a spring in your step while soothing your feet and eliminating foot pain.

Millions of people spend hundreds of dollars on custom shoes to eliminate aching feet, legs, and lower back pain. Many of these people have turned to Joya and discovered they no longer need to buy custom-made shoes. In addition, custom made shoes do not have the benefit of the patented Joya sole technology. The cushioning technology used in custom shoes does not maintain its support for four million steps.

Ordering a pair of Joya is easy since Happy Feet Plus is the first company to launch the Joya brand in the United States. You can now order Joya shoes at the Happy Feet Plus website, Happy Feet Plus has a wonderful selection of Joya shoes and sandals. You can order from this trusted site and discover the shoe that will pamper your feet.

Joya shoes deliver the ultimate comfort in footwear. Join millions of satisfied customers who have discovered the benefits of the unique sole technology that provides long-term comfort.