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Relief All Over …You cannot afford to miss this deal!

Right now online through Friday December 6th 2013 we are offering our very popular and life changing “Kenkoh Massage Sandals” at $20.00 off….you heard it right $20.00 off The Kenkoh Massage Sandals online now til Friday ….better

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The Kenkoh Story

The insoles of the renowned Kenkoh reflexology sandal are made up of around 1,000 natural rubber “fingers” that massage and stimulate the bottoms of your feet continuously while walking, standing or sitting, similar to therapeutic acupressure.

For thousands of years the soles of human feet were always in touch with the natural surfaces of the earth. Walking on these surfaces stimulated nerve endings, balanced and strengthened the body.

Today, shoes and unnaturally rigid surfaces prevent this natural stimulation. When worn daily, Kenkoh improves circulation, provides relief from stress, revitalizes and improves mobility of the feet, ankles, legs and back.

Kenkoh is safe, non-intrusive, easy to use, effective and provides a foot massage every day while you move around normally.

Kenkoh Reviews

Unbelieveable! I had (I say had) chronic Plantar Fasciitis for over a year now and was ready to start shots, then who knows what else. Just one week in these (yep, one week!) and my foot pain is 95% gone! I will not take them off, they’re worth every single nickel!
–Ashley G.

When I first tried Kenkohs on, my feet were angry. How dare those brilliant engineers perfectly place rubber nubs that assault my feet in such a good way? I was counseled to wear them for a maximum of an hour or two per day to start, but couldn’t stay away from them. We are now inseparable friends and my feet feel naked without them. You won’t wear another sandal after trying these! Rapid foot rehab!
–Robert S.

So hurry up and give em a try or just get another pair cause you really can’t afford not to!