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Dansko – The First Choice for the Busy Professional

Dansko Professional Clogs

For decades, Dansko has been providing safe and durable footwear that place a special emphasis on the workplace. Over the years, they have gained the respect of doctors, nurses, and chefs for their superior material and construction, as well as their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. Busy professionals in fast-paced environments need shoes they can trust in messy situations, and just as easily clean up afterwards.

Dansko ClogWith accreditation from the American Podiatric Medical Association, Dansko provides products that are ergonomically sensible and utilitarian enough for hot kitchens and busy hospitals. Rather than adding to the discomfort at the end of a long day, Dansko footwear is engineered to alleviate pain and correct posture.

One aspect of the Dansko Company that has won the loyalty and respect of customers for decades is their dedication to environmental cleanliness. Thoughtful planning and responsible building material choices have earned Dansko awards and resulted in the greenest facilities possible. In addition to a reduced environmental footprint, the apparel and footwear company participates in dozens of humanitarian and philanthropic efforts locally and internationally. Habitat for Humanity, the Land Conservancy, and the Special Olympics all consider Dansko an avid supporter. A company sponsored Haitian Relief Fund collects money for displaced earthquake survivors, numerous youth and family oriented events are funded in part by the company. It is this steady and significant commitment to the community and environment that endears the company to its customers.

Professionals in every field of fast-paced, unpredictable work stand by their decision to purchase Dansko footwear. They have a solid yet flexible construction that was originally designed for use in athletic trainers, yet has been adapted to accommodate prolonged usage in adverse conditions. Chefs praise them for their non-slip, oil-resistant, and water-resistant properties. Kitchens can get very greasy, wet, and hot, dependable shoes can prevent dangerous burns and accidents. Kitchen professionals all over the world wear Dansko for style and safety purposes.

Dansko has made a name for themselves among the medical community for their rugged, comfortable clogs and shoes. Emergency response persons encounter unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations. The confidence of knowing that a sharp tool is safe in a doctor’s hand despite the mess on the ER floor is peace of mind only appreciated in the heat of the moment. Nurses and doctors rely on the ergonomic benefits of the shoes for the health of their feet. Active styling lends range of motion, while removable insoles and anti-microbial linings keep the feet protected. Arch support with a contoured midsole provides support to known trouble spots. Healthcare professionals prefer the durable toughness of Dansko to the many alternatives.

Leading industry professionals, and those that need performance under pressure, turn to Dansko for their solution. For decades, they have provided reliable, affordable footwear for the working-class individual and taken initiative in the community. Their humanitarian efforts and community outreach initiatives return a percentage of their profits towards the enrichment of the people who support them. With a strong reputation for excellence and a commitment to continue towards a lower environmental impact, Dansko is a leading name in their business.

Kenkoh Reflexology Sandals

Kenkoh – Why Kenkoh Is The Best Choice For Reflexology Sandals?

Since the development of the first wooden soled massage sandal in 1965, Kenkoh has been aiding individuals in improving health through foot reflexology. The uniquely designed sandals were mass-produced in 1969 in Japan with the purpose of alleviating many health issues based upon customary Japanese reflexology principals. To this day, Kenkoh reflexology sandals effectively integrate reflexology techniques into daily activities, enabling natural improvements to health without any interruption to normal daily practices.  Aside from the remarkable massage received when worn, many other benefits present themselves when opting to select Kenkoh reflexology sandals.

The Advantages of Reflexology Sandals

Reflexology sandals do not only massage the feet while worn, but they also promote natural health by enabling numerous health advantages at the same time. History states that reflexology techniques have been used for thousands of years. Reflexology is a type of massage used to alleviate tension, maintain general health and to treat sickness through reflex points in the feet. Reflexologists believe that when the body is stressed or fighting sickness, that is becomes imbalanced, which causes it to become more ill and unable to relieve the stress and tension. Through the use of Kenkoh foot massage sandals, which have hundreds of massage nodules contoured to the shape of the foot, people are feeling the benefits and can do so with effort only as simple as slipping on a pair of sandals. Offering benefits and relief from countless illnesses and pains, including back pain, tension headaches, poor circulation, foot pain, lack of energy, lower body swelling, stress, even arthritis, and far more, Kenkoh reflexology sandals can realign overall body performance while maintaining physiological balance.

The Advantages of Choosing Kenkoh

Kenkoh has developed an alternative healing method that has a proven record. In 2006, a clinical study was completed at the Kyoto University School of Medicine in Japan on Kenkoh’s reflexology sandals. Kenkoh is the only reflexology sandal to be clinically studied and proven to have positive medical advaKenkoh Reflexology Massage Sandalsntages. In this study, Kenkoh was selected overall Best of Class.

The findings revealed that the sandals eased and relieved overall fatigue and that fatigue improved considerably after some wear. Also proven was that the pulse of participants stayed considerably lower, as well as a lessening of lower foot, heel and ankle swelling.

The overall results of the clinical study proved that participants had less foot pain than did prior, and overall, generally felt better.

Kenkoh gathered recommendations from the clinical study and advanced their technology further, now producing the absolute best reflexology sandal available.  Such a marvelous technology was once only available overseas, but in 2011, the Kenkoh brand was launched across the United States, exclusively through Happy Feet Plus and can now be found in select premium locations, including online at

Wearing Kenkoh reflexology sandals can have a great impact on how you feel day to day. They can aid in reviving bodily organs to keep them healthy, promote blood circulation to the feet and legs, all while lessening fatigue and keeping your feet feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle what any day brings your way.

Finn Comfort: The Worlds Best Walking Shoe

Why is Finn Comfort Called “The World’s Best Walking Shoe”?

Finn Comfort shoes are the longstanding go-to standard in walking footwear for the sophisticated audience. Since its foundation in 1945 and still to this day, each of their one million plus pairs of shoes made each year is handmade in the original factory located in Bavaria, a state in the southeast corner of Germany. They are then shipped to more than 35 countries across the world. Movement and breathability, natural and comfortable materials, orthopedic support, a physically accurate fit, scientifically designed foot beds, and more features than you can keep up with make this dedicated company the ultimate walking shoe guru for continued foot health.


When you purchase a pair of Finn Comfort footwear, you are not buying a pair of shoes to wear for a little while and then toss them in the trash or in the giveaway corner of your closet. You are securing your orthopedic health for years to come by investing in a product that is designed to be fully repairable. All Finn Comfort shoes can be re-soled, both inside and out, and feature durable leather uppers and lining, which is not only sturdy but comfortably breathable as well. With proper care, you can wear your favorite Finn Comfort shoes every day for years and never have to throw them away.

Medically Sensible

The company makes use of up-to-date medical research and technology to create an entirely anatomically correct shoe. The carefully molded contours and ergonomic materials promote happy and healthy feet. But it does not stop at foot health. When your feet are healthy, comfortable, and positioned correctly, the even weight distribution and improved posture that follows also contributes to bone and muscle health and eases the tension on your spine and stressed joints, like your hips and knees.

Finn Comfort: Naturally Healthy – Inside and Out

Suede linings along with vented cork and latex foot beds are absorbent and porous, allowing air circulation so your feet can stay cool and comfy for hours. Linings are made from organically tanned leather and other materials used, like cork and latex, are highly sustainable. You also get years and years of use out of them rather than adding them to the nearest landfill, making them as environmentally friendly as they are foot friendly. The molded foot beds promote arch support and ensure the proper heel-to-toe motion with each step. Plus, they are removable and can be hand-washed for added convenience and hygiene.

Moving to the outside of the shoe, a curved and reinforced heel provides heel-to-toe guidance and a secure fitting. A lightweight polyurethane outsole with a concave heel is durable, flexible, and easy on your joints. The components of each shoe are flexible, hand-stitched, softly padded, and ventilated to eliminate unnecessary pressure and ensure the ultimate in breathability, comfort, health, and hygiene. The overall shape of each style of shoe is perfectly rounded and unbinding to reflect the natural shape of your foot.

In the world of orthopedic footwear, it is no wonder that Finn Comfort shoes take home the trophy as the best high-quality walking shoe that money can buy.

Joya – The World’s Most Comfortable Shoe?

Joya – Comfort for Your Feet

A truly comfortable shoe is but a dream for most shoe wearers. Each year consumers collectively spend billions of dollars in the pursuit of a comfortable pair shoes. Shoe manufacturers often claim the shoes they produce will delight your feet and place a smile on your face. The smile quickly fades and foot pain sets in. The search for a truly comfortable shoe is now over. The world’s most comfortable shoe is available to the masses. Joya shoes are the ultimate shoe in comfort and style.Joya Shoes

The Joya story began in a college dormitory room. The son of MBT footwear designer Karl Mueller, Sr. decided to create a shoe similar to MBT footwear. However, Karl Mueller, Jr. wanted a shoe that was lightweight and did not have the “chunkiness” of the elliptical design of MBT footwear. Along with his partner Claudio Minder, Karl Jr. has created a shoe so comfortable that millions of customers have discovered the joy of walking.

The Joya sole technology is incredible. This high-tech design utilizes the best materials to create the softest shoe in the world. The best feature is the sole and cushioning support is designed to last at least four million steps. This equates to approximately two years of shoe life. Just think how often you bought a pair of shoes that were comfortable. Then, after two or three months, the cushioning support diminished and your feet began to ache again. The incredible comfort of Joya shoes will last at least two years.

This incredible brand of shoes will keep your feet happy longer than any shoe on the market today. Imagine the money you can save over two years. Replacing shoes every two or three months is expensive. In addition, it is disappointing to have shoes wear out so quickly. Once you discover the unique comfort of the softest shoes on the market, you can say good-bye to disappointment. You new pair of Joya shoes will feel fantastic every time you wear them.

Joya is not just a comfortable shoe
; it is an unbelievable experience. Once you walk in a pair of Joya shoes, you will become a loyal customer for life. The shoes truly create the sensation of floating while you are walking. In addition, the sole technology provides a trampoline effect. You will discover the shoe will put a spring in your step while soothing your feet and eliminating foot pain.

Millions of people spend hundreds of dollars on custom shoes to eliminate aching feet, legs, and lower back pain. Many of these people have turned to Joya and discovered they no longer need to buy custom-made shoes. In addition, custom made shoes do not have the benefit of the patented Joya sole technology. The cushioning technology used in custom shoes does not maintain its support for four million steps.

Ordering a pair of Joya is easy since Happy Feet Plus is the first company to launch the Joya brand in the United States. You can now order Joya shoes at the Happy Feet Plus website, Happy Feet Plus has a wonderful selection of Joya shoes and sandals. You can order from this trusted site and discover the shoe that will pamper your feet.

Joya shoes deliver the ultimate comfort in footwear. Join millions of satisfied customers who have discovered the benefits of the unique sole technology that provides long-term comfort.

Birkenstock: Unmatched Comfort

Birkenstock: What Sets it Apart From Other Shoes?

Beginning in Germany in 1774, Birkenstock has made its presence and purpose known in the footwear industry for more than 230 years strong. This now worldwide company prides itself on providing comfortable, innovative, long-lasting, sustainable footwear products that are as naturally fashionable as ever. Happy Feet, at, is proud to host all six lines of the German handcrafted Birkenstock family, namely Alpro, Birkenstock, Birki’s, Footprints, Papillio, and Tatami.


The secret to Birkenstock’s unmatched comfort lies in their ergonomic minimalist design. The lack of heavy materials, embellishments, and other such bells and whistles, so to speak, gives them a seemingly effortless coziness. In reality, that ultimate comfort that keeps your feet happy all day comes from years and years of German-engineered study and practice.

Every shoe features a deep heel cup to aid in optimal foot alignment and weight distribution. A roomy toe box lets your piggly wigglies breathe and move about freely. The foot beds mold to the unique shape of your feet as you continue to wear the shoes, customizing them just for you. And there are three different foot bed models to choose from according to your specific arch support needs and preferences.


The shock-absorbing soles, carefully contoured foot beds, and firm orthopedic support combine to create healthy support for your feet and up. Balance, circulation, leg and spinal alignment, and muscle exercise are all promoted by the meticulously fashioned structure of each style. This makes for not only the ultimate in long-term comfort, but improved posture and overall foot health as well.


People do not readily think to have their shoes repaired anymore. You spend hundreds of dollars on shoes in a year’s time and when they wear out or break, you think, “time for new ones.” Birkenstocks, however, are specially made so that every piece of the shoe can be replaced when needed. Lose a buckle or notice some discoloration? It can be swapped out for a brand new one. The bottom’s getting worn or slick? The shoe can be re-soled. The foot bed’s getting dingy or the dog took a chunk out of it? It can be replaced. Instead of spending $50 to $100 or more on a new pair of shoes, your Birkenstocks can hang around for years. They really are an investment for the future health of your feet, and your feet will certainly thank you for it.


Birkenstock is not simply joining in the “go green” trend. The company was built around an environmental sensibility that continues to develop as more sustainable resources arise. The shoes are made from recyclable and naturally sustainable materials, like cork recycled from the wine bottle corking industry. The shoe boxes they come in consist of 90 percent recycled paper and are labeled using environmentally friendly ink.


If you have it, flaunt it, right? Birkenstock has this mantra down pat. They have an organic natural appeal that looks great without going over the top. No flashy frills; just subtle splendor that lets you rock your natural beauty at its best. As far as footwear goes, Birkenstocks have it all. Just like you.