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Kenkoh Sandal in Dress Black

New Black Kenkoh Spirit

Big News for all you Kenkoh Lovers. The Black Spirit Thong is Here!

Are you a thong kind of person, but can’t wear brown all the time? You’re in luck. Happy Feet Plus just received a new shipment of Kenkoh Reflexology Massage Health Sandals, including the Black Spirit Thong.

OK, so maybe you won’t be wearing this with a tux or a little black dress but it is a nice looking thong with all of the benefits of a Reflexology sandal. The Kenkoh Health Sandal massage insole stimulates areas of the sole of the foot which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. The rubber insole nodules act like tiny fingers, applying pressure to the sole of the foot. As in Shiatsu and Reflexology healing techniques, the Kenkoh Health Sandal massages the feet when you walk, stand or sit with even light pressure on the sole.

Want to know more about what a Reflexology sandal is and how it works? Click Here!

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Jane’s Picks – Birkenstock Gizeh Habana Leather Sandal

I love the rich Habana brown leather of this Birkenstock Gizeh. Wear it with a skirt or wear it with shorts – looks great with both. 25% off this week makes them an even sweeter buy.

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Why Women Wear Birkenstocks

Why do women wear Birkenstocks?

The Birkenstock womens collection now covers the whole spectrum of style, function and color, essentials in every womans wardrobe.

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