Birki's Footwear

Birki's sandals and clogs give you color and comfort, fun and function. Every Birki's model is built with an anatomically formed footbed designed to provide support and stability.

Birki's has developed footwear to fit your lifestyle. Medical and Culinary professionals have favored the Profi-Birki and the Super-Birki for years. Water-friendly sandals like the Haiti and Aruba provide intelligent design in a sandal at home at the beach or pool. Gardeners love the Outdoor-Birki and the Classic-Birki because they fit great and are water-proof. Color and comfort really come together in Birki's cork footbed styles.

With ALPRO-Foam and ALPRO-Cell , two seemingly similar materials are employed, whose differences, however, become apparent as soon as you start wearing them. During the production process of our different clog styles, their function is always our main focus: The differences in tread and surface texture, a high heel cut and anatomic footbeds are but a few of the core themes we concentrate on. This way the areas of application of ALPRO-Foam and ALPRO-Cell are extremely diversified.

Clogs made of ALPRO-Cell such as the Fun and the Outdoor-Birki are perfectly suited for holidays, beach, or outdoors. This is where one should put great emphasis on light weight and a high degree of durability.

In labs, industrial kitchens or at hospitals, materials are required that are resistant to most chemicals, oils, and grease. They are also extremely flexible and adaptable, as well as easy (and antiseptic) to clean. In these settings, the use of ALPRO-Foam products have also been proven successfully (e.g. Profi-Birki and Super-Birki).

If an extremely light, durable yet flexible sandal is required we exclusively use ALPRO-Cell. No matter whether a thong sandal (Caribbean), a sandal with a wide strap across the front of the foot (Pacific) or with two adjustable straps (Atlantic): ALPRO-Cell sandals are available in all classic colours and forms. What makes them so special is the fact that they are poured in one go and due to their light weight they are hardly noticeable when worn.

If, however, a sandal is preferred which features all the advantages of ALPRO-Foam - such as flexibility and oil, grease and chemical resistance - one chooses styles like Haiti, Samoa, Aruba or Sansibar. Due to the plasticity of ALPRO-Foam in its hot state the sole can be moulded directly to the upper material Birko-Flor. ALPRO-Foam enters into the innermost layers of Birko-Flor and fuses these materials together to create a flexible unit, which is slip-resistant, durable and water-repellent.

All brands in the Birkenstock family include: Alpro, Birkenstock, Birki's, Footprints, Papillio, and Tatami. Each brand provides customers with a unique set of attributes such as fabrics, patterns, colors, style, and fit. All Birkenstock brands are built upon the same heritage. While most styles are crafted from a cork-latex mixture, all Birkenstock brand sandals, clogs and shoes are designed for walking comfort.

Birki's sandals, clogs and shoes are available at in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics.

Birki's Footwear

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Customer Reviews
Avg Rating:
Great service, super shipping, great price. Very happy with purchase. Thanks. Will shop again.
Avg Rating:
I love Birks, but I sent back this pair. It was to tight across in step. I have several pairs of Birks. Only shoe I can wear for my plantar fasciitis. Thanks
Avg Rating:
Never had All-Weather Birkies before,...with good wool socks, these will handle our New Hampshire comfy as original Birkies...nice price.Happy Feet's Customer Service was great, as one of the items in my order was BO'd...they worked out a totally great deal for all of us...Cortney was awesome..
Avg Rating:
Everything is perfect! Everyone was very helpful and patient with me. I will be back to get my winter clogs. Thanks!
Avg Rating:
Avg Rating:
Love the sshoes.Service was good.
Avg Rating:
I have been wearing Birkenstocks since I graduated from nursing school, I have not had any problems with plantar fascitis. Customer service was top notch, price was appropriate, shoes look good. The checkout was fast and easy and I received my shoes in a timely manner, it was hard to manuever around the website as many shoes had only 2 sizes (not mine) to choose from and that made it difficult to find something I wanted. That's why only 4 stars, everything else was perfect
Avg Rating:
The shoes are comfortable, just what I wanted. It took some time to get them delivered, but now they are here I am happy.
Avg Rating:
I am very happy with the fit. The last 3 items I would rate as VERY good. There is one thing however, and that is that there is a spot on each foot that really rubs and hurts. I am trying to wear them a little bit every day.


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