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Birkenstock The Benefits

As you may or may not know, your foot has four arches (the medial, lateral, metatarsal and transverse, to be precise). Take a look at a Birkenstock footbed. Those rolling contours you see support each and every one of them. Along with all twenty-six bones, fifty-six ligaments and eight major muscles that also reside in the human foot (by now, you’ve probably figured out that we take this stuff pretty seriously). Think about what your footprint looks like in the sand. Then look again at our footbed. Starting to get the picture?

Birkenstock footbeds are made of cork and natural latex, and contoured in the shape of a healthy foot. These contours ensure proper weight distribution with raised arches to help support the foot’s natural shape and structure. The toe bar allows the toes to grip and flex, stimulating circulation, exercising the legs, and helping to maintain balance. The deep heel cup keeps the foot’s natural padding under the heel to provide stability. As a result of these factors, the correct bones bear the weight of the body to keep the spine and legs in alignment.