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Birkenstock Footwear from Happy Feet Plus

Birkenstock The Anatomy of Comfort

  1. Flexion - When you walk, your foot flexes to support your body. The Birkenstock sole and cork footbed flex with your feet for comfort with every step.
  2. Neutral Heel - Elevated heels cause the body to move out of alignment. With our neutral heel, the body is properly aligned using the weight-bearing bones and muscles. Our deep heel cup positions the natural padding of the foot under your heel bone to absorb shock and support your weight.
  3. Roomy Toebox - Our footbed allows room for toes to move naturally. For correct foot alignment, the inside edge follows a straight line from the big toe to the heel.
  4. Contoured Footbed - The natural shape of our footbed allows room for comfort and guides your foot into a healthy walking position.

Birkenstock - Anatomy of Comfort