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Alpro's ProClassic line (A604, A630, C100, C130, C165, G500, P220) are built with the Original Birkenstock Footbed which provides firm and orthopedically correct support for your feet. The Birkenstock footbed is combined with their molded ALPRO-Cell sole.

The ProFashion sandals (P100, P250) fit like a glove and feel great from the moment you slip them on your feet. The Alpro ProFashion sole has millions of tiny air bubbles and an elastic heel cushion, which absorbs the stress and jolts of walking on hard surfaces. ProFashion styles are not only comfortable and stylish.

From the very beginning Alpro has placed all of their creative skills and energy into the development of highly practical footwear for professional applications. Recently they started to combine fashion with function for the professional.

Attractive looks and relaxing comfort combined with a high degree of functionality make Alpro footwear an ideal choice.

Alpro products are made in Germany. They guarantee superior quality combining state-of-the-art materials and world-class manufacturing.

The footbed is the heart of the Alpro shoe. Alpro shoes use the original cork footbed by Birkenstock, which is moulded according to the natural anatomic shape of a foot. It is also constructed from first-rate high-quality materials.

Alpro uses three sole types, made from different materials, developed exclusively for the varying demands of their products.

The soles form an important part of the functionality of the Alpro shoes. The different sole types provide characteristics such as high abrasion-resistance, safe slip-resistance, and ultimate shock absorption.

    Alpro-Cell Moulded Sole
  • Lightweight
  • Non-abrasive
  • Excellent cushioning characteristics
  • High material flexibility

    ProFashion Sole
  • Alpro-Foam moulded sole
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • Integrated heel cushion

    EVA Sole
  • For ESD; styles completely conductive
  • Good shock absorption
  • Good flexibility
  • Very lightweight

All brands in the Birkenstock family include: Alpro, Birkenstock, Birki's, Footprints, Papillio, and Tatami. Each brand provides customers with a unique set of attributes such as fabrics, patterns, colors, style, and fit. All Birkenstock brands are built upon the same heritage. While most styles are crafted from a cork-latex mixture, all Birkenstock brand sandals, clogs and shoes are designed for walking comfort.

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Customer Reviews
Avg Rating:
I had a similar pair of alpros that lasted 3yrs with constant wear. The sole in that pair wore down so it was time for a new shoe. They fit true to size, this site had the best price I could find, and they arrived quickly. So far I am very happy with this shoe.
Avg Rating:
I have worn these particular shoes for years. Had a hard time finding them until I found Happy Feet and that they were less expensive. The only shoes I can wear because of flat feet and I'm on my feet all day. Great job Happy Feet.I'll be back when I need some more.
Avg Rating:
This is the most comfortable, and durable work shoe I have ever owned.
Avg Rating:
best shoes ever
Avg Rating:
I had always use Birkenstock but this model never, its first time. "the best" light weight and so comfy. first time used "happy feet" wont be last since i loved it.
Avg Rating:
I ordered my shoes for work. I'm on my feet for 12-18hr shifts. With these shoes, I do not experience the shin, foot, or hip pain that I experienced when wearing an expensive athletic shoe. These are the best ever! Treat yourself - give yourself a few days to get used to them and you'll find yourself in love with them.
Avg Rating:
I am a health care worker and on the go all day, Birks give me the support I need. Web site is easy to shop shoe selection is good. prices? I'm always looking for a better price. Thanks Angela
Avg Rating:
It would be wonderful if it came wide. I have neuropathy in my feet and I slip easily. They would b e perfect. I also need a very flat shoe. Noone carries a wide?
Avg Rating:
Very comfortable! I have to have good arch support and these fit the bill.