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Kenkoh Sandal Soul Onyx

About 1,000 nodules of natural rubber (latex) and elastomer massage the sole in this unique sandal. One wide padded and adjustable strap allows for maximum flexibility.

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Having owned the product due to an in-store experience years ago wanting to replace them was made super easy by you all. Thanks and keep up the fine service.

Foot ailments were: Left foot-plantar fasciitis/Right foot-old injury, goes out of joint. Couldn't put full weight on either foot for more than a few seconds at a time, and it took me quite awhile to adapt my feet to the Kenkoh, but perseverance paid off. I started off with wearing them at home whenever I was sitting, as my feet would hurt even from sitting with them on the floor. Both feet are doing exceptionally well now, exactly 3 months since 'Kenkoh Day One'. The fit is perfect. The Kenkoh is sturdy, and I love the style. The website is excellent and the selection of brands is awesome. Customer service is excellent, and it is a pleasure to have Happy Feet there to business with! Here is how I found you: I had seen a picture somewhere of some "reflexology" sandals with wooden nubs. I googled 'reflexology sandals' to see what that was all about. Kenkohs at Happy Feet came right up. I explored your website, and decided pretty quickly that I really needed to try some Kenkohs from Happy Feet! Thank you for everything!

These shoes are great for my sore feet, knees, legs, back. I have had knee surgery and my husband has arthritis in his back. My husband and I get a new pair every year. We can both stay on our feet the entire day with few problems.


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