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Kenkoh Sandal Soul Apple Blossom

About 1,000 nodules of natural rubber (latex) and elastomer massage the sole in this unique sandal. One wide padded and adjustable strap allows for maximum flexibility.

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Customer Comments

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I recently ordered my first pair of Kenkoh's...... I've had them for about two weeks now. It took we awhile to adjust to them, and I had my doubts that I would ever learn to like them.......but after wearing them for just a short time each day, I gradually got very used to them. And now I just LOVE them!! I put them on when I first get up in the morning, and now they feel like I'm getting a foot massage each time I wear them ...... They are wonderful!! Thank you, Arlene

They are wonderful. I wear them all the time I am in the house and my feet are improving.

Love my sandals! They sure are helping heal my feet. Will be purchasing another pair to wear when I go out. I don't know why many people only wear them inside if they feel so good. I am planning on wearing my second pair as regular sandals when I go out and my first pair around the house.