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Birki Replacement Insole

Cork with linen liner. Fits the following clogs:

  • Super-Birki
  • Birki-Air
  • Profi-Birki
  • Active-Birki

Member of the Birkenstock family

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All of the support you expect with the added benefits of a therapeutic massage.
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Customer Comments

Average Rating

I have a severe flatfoot deformity, and Birkenstock sandals, footbeds, and insole have become my go-to orthotics. I've been fitted to custom orthotics several times, but have consistently gotten better results with these. These easily fit into all my shoes, and provide the relief I need.

Thanks, everything was as I expected--well done and handled well.

These insoles are great! Seem to break in quicker than the originals that came with the clogs, and the black looks sharp. A great way to keep the clogs in service! Thanks